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  1. VLE33

    iFrame in Wordpress

    Hi, I'm using iFrame to deploy my Caspio code to Wordpress. For example, a search page. The search page shows up nicely but I can't see the scroll bar to scroll up and down to see all the search parameters on offer unless I touch within the iframe with my cursor. Only then the scroll bar (up/down) appears. Is there a way to have it show up permanently so a user can see it and know that scrolling is possible? Ir even better, is there a way to enlarge the IFrame so that scrolling isn't necessary. I would prefer no scrolling within the frame. I would prefer the frame just expands to the width of the content it's trying to display. It's not that much. Thanks
  2. Hi, I am creating a search via a Submission Form. I want the search to be able to search within a range of numbers in a couple of ways -- 1. The scores are between 1 and 10 so I want to search for those entries who scored in these ranges -- 1- 3, 4- 6, 7-9 and then 10 2. The scores are between 1 and 300 and I want to search for the top 10%, then next 10% (eg 11 - 20%) and so on. There might be better ways to search ranges of numbers. So if you have suggestions, as well as answers to above, I'd love to hear them. Thanks very much.
  3. VLE33


    Thanks Mathilda. I will try that and circle back if I have questions.
  4. VLE33


    Thanks Mathilda. Is there a way the search can be saved without downloading and then re-uploading? A bit like a user saves an item to a shopping cart.
  5. VLE33


    I have a registration set up and my users have profile pages. I also have searches set up. How can I allow a user to save the results of one of their searches to their profile. Is this possible? Thanks for any advice.
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