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  1. I am trying to pass a parameter through a field in the Tabular option. I need to be able to input the following script (<a href="URL?SupplierID=[@field:SupplierID]">Click Here</a>) into a field and pass it to the next page with the SupplierID in tact. I am aware that you can create a HTML Block to pass a parameter, but I need to input the script into a field, have it load on the page, and then allow the user to click on it and take them to the next page which will be a new URL + the matching SupplierID on that URL. Any ideas on how to do this? I also would like to kn
  2. Hello everyone. Quick question. I know I'm asking for a lot here but is it possible to create a javascript where users can upload multiple fields directly into a table? Currently you can download a spreadsheet of your table in the Data Report portion, but I am wondering if there is a way for the user to take that exact spreadsheet, fill it out, and upload it into the same data table through a data page?
  3. Even when I put this code in, I'm having the same issues as described above. The javascript just shows on my page and doesn't work
  4. Still not working. I even created two new tables to try it out. I keep getting this when I do it. Obviously it's not showing the full code, but when I put it in my footer it just shows the code. And yes the HTML is enabled
  5. Definitely not working for me. I posted this in the Footer and changed the "InsertRecordMultiListbox" for my field but still only selects one item.
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