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  1. Can we could on the element IDs being static?
  2. Is there a way to set a specific style for the login/authentication screen? Andrew
  3. Preview doesn't work because I want to see how it's rendered in my actual page.
  4. Is there any way to restrict the possible date range of a calendar popup? I found a post that showed how to validate the element and show an alert, but what I'd like to be able to do is actually restrict the dates the user can select in the popup. Thanks, Andrew
  5. I'm working on a wordpress site and writing some custom PHP functions that access Caspio via the REST interface. I'm trying to figure out how to determine if the current user is logged in and get that user's info. I tried creating an HTML DataPage with the same authorization setup that simply echoed back the user info, hoping that if I logged into the website the REST request would be authenticated as well, but this didn't work. I also tried setting the PHPSESSID cookie in the request. Unfortunately, the REST request for the HTML datapage is always getting the login screen, regardless of if the user is logged in in the website. How does Caspio track user authentication? Is there a known solution to this? Thanks, Andrew
  6. Hello, I'm editing a datapage with multiple custom HTML elements and it would be really nice if I didn't have to "finish" after each changed to test it on my server (bc this then throws me out of the datapage I'm editing and I have to re-select and and navigate back through the wizard to the right page to edit). Is there a way to save a datapage I'm working on without clicking the "finish" button? Thanks, Andrew Hughes
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