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  1. Howdy Vander. I would suggest adding the InsertAction shown here as a second action of the awards table trigger. This way you aren't cascading triggers, it's all done in one place. Question, are you trying the Milestones to the Awards? If yes that might create some challenges but there are solutions for that also. I hope that helps.
  2. Thanks for your help. The problem is now solved. The keys were, as you said, the 'insertrecord' reference would not work in assigning the values to the variable or in the else portion of the if statement. We had to program around that on the form itself. I hope Caspio will update their pages regarding Java Script syntax for parameters to include those VERY VALUABLE tidbits of info. Thank you Mathilda.
  3. I would appreciate any help you can provide on the following: I this java script on an input form where the parameter [@SU_Type] is passed into the page through a link. THIS SCRIPT WORKS perfectly: <h5><span id="business2" style="color:#263C87;">Company Information:</span></h5> <script> TypeC=[@SU_Type] if(TypeC == 1) {document.getElementById("business2").style.display = "none"} </script> THE PROBLEM: I'm trying to do something very similar on the email/destinations page of another form and it is NOT working. In this form
  4. Mark - how did you end up solving this issue? Where you able to do it in Caspio without employing a programmer's help? I have a similar issue and am looking for solutions. Please let me know.
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