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  1. I am in need of using a list - string in authentication. I would like to have a list field with "roles", and when a datapage loads, I access the values through the authentication fields. It could equate to a comma separated string, then I would just compare to see if the role is contained in the string. The List - String datatypes currently do not show up, but is there a way around this? Maybe by using a formula field to create our own string from the List datatype? Currently, I have each role as a Yes/No column, but it is getting pretty hectic with many roles. I would like t
  2. Are you sure this works? I am encoding the URL with Javascript, but every time I get a "No Preview Available" message. When I decode the URL back, it downloads fine... Here is my code: <iframe id="iframe_pdf" style="width:80%; height: 1100px; display: none;" align="middle" frameborder="0"></iframe> <script> window.onload = function(){ if(!("[@field:cs_form/]" == "")){ embed_pdf(); } } function embed_pdf(){ var google_link= "https://docs.google.com/gview?url="; var google_param = "&embedded=true";
  3. You would have to create another 64,000 text field (with a different name), and copy the code for the purpose of the other signature box. But not directly copy, there is some code you can re-use. I would suggest requesting professional help, if you do not know much JS or HTML.
  4. I am going over this now. And I was able to get it working, for the most part. It will only work if the listbox contains MORE than 4 items. The only code change I made was the line: if (x1[0].length > 4) { cleanResult = result.substring(0,(result.length-4)); } I changed it to: if (result.length > 4) { cleanResult = result.substring(0,(result.length-4)); } Essentially just removing the "OR" at the end of the string. If it compares to x1[0].length, it is only checking to see whether the listbox has more than 4 options in it. We would like to compare the result to see if
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