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  1. @BaySunshine - Thank you so much! This worked perfectly!!!
  2. Hello, I have been using the following code in the footer of a details data page. It previously worked to concatenate an autocompleted value from a virtual field with a text area field called "associatedSpecies." This is based on the javascript solution from Caspio below, but I'm not sure if this is no longer supported by more recent browsers? Does anyone have any insight on how I might make this work again? <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function concatenate() { var x0 = document.getElementsByName("EditRecordassociatedSpecies")[0].value; var x1 = document.getElementsByName("cb
  3. Thank you @perland for this post!! It's exactly what I needed.
  4. Thanks for your help @Vitalikssssss! I'm so sorry for the slow reply-I was moved to another project for a few months, and am now getting back to this. Do you mean I should replace document.write with innerHTML in the code above?
  5. Hello, I'm currently using document.write in a report datapage to create conditional formatting in an HTML block column. (See last column of this link). I am having an error wherein the second page of the report omits the last column. I asked caspio support and they said it is may be because I am using document.write, which is no longer supported in the new upgrade. They suggested using innerHTML, alert(), but I'm not sure how to modify the code. Any advice? Also, Is it possible that document.write is not the problem? <script> if ("[@field:tblRareTaxonTable_ProfileStatus]" == "
  6. Hello, I would like to create a calculated field in tabular report datapage that displays a column in related table as a concatenated string. For Example, many of my apps use the tblPlants as a data source. This is a table of plant species that has a one-to-many relationship with many other tables. I would like to present a field in the report that lists the the botanical gardens for each plant is found in from the tblBG as a string. SELECT STRING_AGG(tblBG.Garden,",") FROM tblBG WHERE tblBG.PlantID = [@field:PlantID]; I get an error that say there is a syntax erro
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