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    mjsidoarjo reacted to DesiLogi in Save Value in Virtual List box and pass as Parameter on button click (not Submit)   
    I have a submission form where there's a choice aside from the normal 'submit new record' function (that's available too but the user can also go this other route). 
    There is a Virtual Field that is a List Box. The user can select a single record from this List Box (not multiple records) and then click a button (not the Submit button) to go to a different datapage. I need to pass the Value of the Virtual List Box as a parameter in the button's url link but don't know how to 'save' that value on the Virtual Fields' 'change'. 
    Does anyone know how to use the Virtual field's current value (probably using a variable from 'on change'?) as a parameter in a url? 
    In this example Virtual 1 is a List Box that stores a numerical unique ID value for the selection. I need to pass that in the url as a parameter.
    <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="../mypage?ExampleID=[@cbParamVirtual1]&otherfieldID=[@otherfieldID]" target="_self"><input class="cb_custom_btn" type="button" value="LINK" /></a></div>  
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