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  1. Hi Vitalikssssssss, It worked, thank you for your help. I have one additional question: From the first form, I pass the lineid to link to the next form. So far, so good. From the first form, I also pass the brandid. In the second form (which is based on the models table), I can then retrieve the brandid as a virtual field. My question is: is there a way to look up the brandname in the brands table? That would be a "nice to have", not strictly necessary to make the submission work. In more general terms, I guess my question is: can I automatically look up a value based on a passed parameter in a table that is not in the table on which the DataPage is based?
  2. Hi Mathilda, I saw your post about many-to-many relationships when I was searching the forum, but I didn't think it applied. The three tables are linked by two one-to-many relationships: One brand can have many lines One line can have many models It's more like a cascading thing than a many-to-many relationship. It works for me in Caspio for viewing data, but not for adding. I don't know if linking is allowed, but you can see my first attempt here: http://www.cigarprofiler.org/p/find-cigar.html A good example would be to search for the term "kristoff". Thanks for listening!
  3. Hi all, My project is a database of cigars. The cigar name consists of three parts: brand name, line name and model name. Most info is pertinent to the model and stored in that table. It is linked to the line table with lineid as foreign key. In turn, the line table is linked to the brand table with brandid as foreign key. To add a cigar, a user would typically start with selecting a brand , then a line (if applicable, can be blank), then add the model and input the data. But from a db perspective, I have to start with the model table, which contains no reference to a brandid (which is stored in the line table only). How can I resolve that?
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