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  1. In the configure search field area of my report I have an element with four custom values for a user to choose from. I have changed that to a listbox and on the advanced tab marked to allow multi-select. (I have been told this is the only way to allow the report to filter with multiple selections.) Everything works fine, to allow users to filter the report in multiple ways. My issue is that the most common way the users will be filtering the report requires them to select two items (Yes & Undecided). Since I have marked the listbox as a multi-select, one would think I could set multiple defaults on the setup. This, however is not the case and I can only set one as the default. Does anyone know of a way through JavaScript or through another work around to set two options as the default filter; while still giving users the freedom to change the filter? Thank you in advance!!! Element: Bidding Display: Yes - Value: Yes Display: No - Value: No Display: Undecided - Value: Undecided Display: Any - Value: Blank Value (Included to see all items)
  2. I'm not sure how the Cascading elements would help. I have two tables that have a one to many relationship. I have the setting to show job name on forms rather than the job number. Everything works well on the form; however when I go to insert the job name into an e-mail it only shows the job number. I'm assuming there is a way to send the job name, not the job number. Table Relationship .docx
  3. I have an auto-generated email working on my datapage submission form. The table that the form is drawing from is using the unique identifier (Employee_ID) to track the employee that is logging or entering the item in the form. I would like for the employees name to be displayed on the e-mail, so the recipient knows who the email is coming from. I see that I can choose from any data source field that is on the original table and insert that into the subject or into the body of the email. The problem is that when I insert the only option that makes any sense (Employee_ID) the email is sent with the number rather than the employee name. How can I get the email to display the name? I have the same issue with the Job_ID. I would like to also include the job name. Notes: I've already created a relationship and stated to display the name rather than the ID. Thanks!!!! e-mail Field.docx Update: I was able to solve the employee ID by inserting a hidden virtual field into the page, and then entering that data source. Since that came from the authentication table, it was available. I'm still at a loss for how to insert the Job name in lieu of the Job_ID.
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