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  1. Hello, In localization, I could not find anything to change the text for file field. For an example, how to change the text for "Choose File" and "No File Chosen"?
  2. Hey! Is there any way to automatically and instantly insert new view's records into a separated table?
  3. Hello, Any suggestions how could the following be done! I would like to use information from two tables First table (Orders) contains Customer_Email and Product_ID (Filled automatically using Zapier Integration) Second Table (Products) contains Product_ID and Product_URL When a new order is made, an email message should be sent to the customer’s email contains the related Product_URL Note: Zapier does not read Capsio Views also does not update a table
  4. Sorry for this silly question!!! I could solve it by nested replaces
  5. How to perform multiple consequential functions using Formula DataType? I want to replace multiple characters from a TextField (TITLE) using Formula DataType functions. Let’s Say TITLE = DESK!TO$P AND desired outcome = DESKTOP Replace([@field:TITLE], '!', '') AND Replace([@field:TITLE], '$', '') INVALID THE "CASE, WHEN THEN" STATEMENT PERFORM THE FIRST TRUE STATEMENT ONLY
  6. Hello, I am trying to do a function to remove and replace some special characters from a text field using formula DataType, However, how can I remove the apostrophes (') Here is the formula (Last one with apostrophe) CASE WHEN Charindex('!',[@field:TITLE],0) <> 0 THEN Replace([@field:TITLE], '!', '') WHEN Charindex('#',[@field:TITLE],0) <> 0 THEN Replace([@field:TITLE], '#', '') WHEN Charindex(':',[@field:TITLE],0) <> 0 THEN Replace([@field:TITLE], ':', '') WHEN Charindex(''',[@field:TITLE],0) <> 0 THEN Replace([@field:TITLE], ''', '') END
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