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  1. Hi, would appreciate some help We have customers that ship packages, we would like for the results page tabular, to when a customer clicks on ship (which is a yes/no field) that it marks the current date (NOT the time) so then we can see which package he selected to be consolidated. Afterwards we can make another database where he can click on the dates and see what he requested to be consolidated. In essence clicking YES would put a date in the table. Thank you sooo very very much!
  2. Hi Mathilda, it looks like it was the cookies, I cleared the cache and it worked for like 2 minutes, now that I cleared the cookies, so far so good! Thank you sooo very very much!
  3. Hi Guys my parameters seem to be stuck, even using reset doesn't seem to work, these are all in the preview mode, it used to work great. Now it's like it only remembers the last result, YES I did the reset thing, but nothing worked. Once I click once on the link, the one I click on those results keep showing up doesn't matter if I click afterwards on another link it will show me the results of the first time I clicked. Please help!
  4. Hi guys, Please have a look at the picture it makes it more clear. hopefully someone can help with this simple question. So we have a "Customer" making an "order" this "order" has different "products". So 3 tables. When I connect Customer table to order table, no problem, one customer can have multiple order, when I connect orders to products, I want to be able to chose a customer and only see his orders in the products table. At the moment I can select the customer but I get to see all orders, I want to only see his orders. All this in the table. At the moment it seems that I
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