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  1. Label Color, Field Color

    Hi Wdanders, Is it possible to provide the URL and will try to inspect field? regards, Franchiser
  2. How do I code a JavaScript pop up window

    Hi Xarzu, Try this code: <script type="text/javascript"> // Popup window code function newPopup(url) { popupWindow = window.open( url,'popUpWindow','height=300,width=400,left=10,top=10,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=yes,menubar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=yes') } </script> <p><a href="JavaScript:newPopup('https:www.thenameofthepage.com');">Pop Up Window</a></p> You may play around with the width and height of the popup window based on your desired display. regards, Franchiser
  3. Generate Geolocation

    Hi Corey, Did you not missed placing the JQuery & Google Maps libraries above the Datapage embed code? It is in step 4 of this article: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/tech-tip-generating-geolocation-coordinates-from-web-form-submissions/ -Franchiser-
  4. Hi Elena, You can try this code: <script> var y=document.getElementById("InsertRecordCurrency"); y.onblur = function() {myFunction()}; function myFunction() { var x = y.value; y.value=CommaFormatted(CurrencyFormatted(y.value)); function CurrencyFormatted(amount) { var i = parseFloat(amount); if(isNaN(i)) { i = 0.00; } var minus = ''; if(i < 0) { minus = '-'; } i = Math.abs(i); i = parseInt((i + .005) * 100); i = i / 100; s = new String(i); if(s.indexOf('.') < 0) { s += '.00'; } if(s.indexOf('.') == (s.length - 2)) { s += '0'; } s = minus + s; return s; } function CommaFormatted(amount) { var delimiter = ","; // replace comma if desired var a = amount.split('.',2) var d = a[1]; var i = parseInt(a[0]); if(isNaN(i)) { return ''; } var minus = ''; if(i < 0) { minus = '-'; } i = Math.abs(i); var n = new String(i); var a = []; while(n.length > 3) { var nn = n.substr(n.length-3); a.unshift(nn); n = n.substr(0,n.length-3); } if(n.length > 0) { a.unshift(n); } n = a.join(delimiter); if(d.length < 1) { amount = n; } else { amount = n + '.' + d; } amount = minus + amount; return "$" + amount; } } </script> You just need change the highlited text in red with the exact name of the field.
  5. @telepet Some users may find enabling the HTML Editor to be a hassle when placing a code such as javascript or css. You need to click the source icon every time once the said code will be used if not, the code will display in a plain text. -Franchiser-
  6. failing to import *.accdb files

    Hi wv02CASPIO, The file you are trying to import seems fine: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/ Can you try to check the file size if exceeds the 150MB? It is the size limitation of import in Caspio Bridge if exceeded import will not work. Here's the list of import/export file size limitation: Max File Size: import/export Import 150 MB Export 1 GB Max File Size: upload through DP Single file upload via DataPage submission 50 MB Total file upload via DataPage submission 500 MB Max File Size in DataHub Import 50 MB Export 50 MB Import unzipped file limitation 250 MB -Franchiser-
  7. Hi Telepet, All suggestions will work, but to put a little bit of spice. You can use time delay before logging out automatically. <script> setTimeout(function () { window.location.href = "https://b5.caspio.com/folderlogout"; }, 3000); </script> Try to have this code in your destination after record submit, just right under the display message. Please make sure you uncheck the "Enable HTML editor" before placing the code. -Franchiser-
  8. Payment Gateway

    Hi Sheik, I believe Caspio can integrate PayPal pro or authorize.net. Try to call their Professional Team to have full details of payment integration. http://www.caspio.com/services/custom-application-development.asp -Franchiser-
  9. Hi smcdonald83, Can you try this: <script> function SetFocus() { if (!document.getElementById) { return; } var nameofthefirsttextfield = document.getElementById("nameofthefirsttextfield"); if (nameofthefirsttextfield != null) { nameofthefirsttextfield.focus(); } } SetFocus(); </script> -Franchiser-
  10. Embeded form fields not visible

    Hi Quido, Maybe your website theme has a fix CSS that cannot be overwritten. Let me try to adjust your website CSS attributes, but the URL you provided was restricted. Do you have a test credential so I can see and inspect? -Franchiser-
  11. Resizing an Iframe

    Hi Pbullock, You can also try this approach: <iframe name="Add an Asset" title="Add an Asset" src="https://c0abf873.caspio.com/dp/896060006294dfe2bf154556bccc" style="top:0;left: 0;width:100%;height: 100%; position: absolute; border: none"></iframe> -Franchiser-
  12. Remove "Data Table" tooltip

    Hi Dspolyglot, You can remove tooltip hover using a JQUERY. CSS and Styles of the DataPage doesn't have the option to turn it off. Try to use the code in the header of your Result Page. <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.2.1.min.js"></script><script>$(document).ready(function(){$("table[data-cb-name='cbTable']").removeAttr("title");});</script> I hope this helps. regards, Franchsier
  13. Image Resizer Inactive

    Hi Bruno, What type of account do you have? I encountered the same issue as well for my Free account. For Free account this feature was disabled but on the website, it is included as one of the features of the free plan. Caspio knew the issue and they consider this as a bug. Please try to call the support team for detailed information. regards, Franchiser
  14. Destination after record submit - Go to new page

    Holger, You can try to redirect the end user at a given time and showing a display message that the submission is successful. Try to place this code below the display message in the Destination after record submit: setTimeout(function () { window.location.href = "https://www.yoururl.com"; }, 5000); </script> -Franchiser-
  15. Hi Nuimage, You cannot create a hyperlink in a calculated field, Calculated fields are designed to use data primarily from a single record. For example, if your table has a length and a width field, you can use a calculated field to display area for each record. Try using HTML Block instead: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/html-blocks/ regards, Franchiser