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  1. Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Vitalikssssss, Below is how is set everything up. As you can see I get only one prompt for Expiration_Date. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  2. Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Hello I've tried to add the criteria, pass parameters, etc... This article was very helpful when I was either looking ahead "X" days to see who needs to be scheduled for a class or looking back "X" days to see who has expired certifications. I want to input a start and end of a date range then have this data returned. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  3. Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Hello, I cannot get the prompt to work when I want to filter my Datapage by a date range. I want to enter a start date and end date then have the Datapage display the records that in the range. I have tried a couple of tips in the community forum and nothing has seemed to work. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  4. Subtotals Do Not Download Correctly

    Hello, I have a Datapage where records are grouped by manager then subtotals are displayed for the Total Employee Evaluations, Completed Employee Evaluations and Remaining Employee Evaluations for each manager. When I preview the Datapage the subtotals are correct. However, when I export the Datapage the subtotals are not correct. For example, I have a manager who has 33 employee evaluations to complete, 15 are completed and 18 are remaining. When I export to Excel and lookup this manager I see 33 evaluations, 33 completed, 0 remaining. Thanks, Bill
  5. Datapage Download

    I answered my own question. I had to edit the field names in the view the Datapage is tied to...
  6. Datapage Download

    Hello, When I download a tabular formatted datapage, is there anyway I can have the field name (alias) exported and not the tablename.fieldname exported? Thanks, Bill
  7. Hello, I built a Tabular DataPage which includes a calculated field that indicates if a record needs correction. Is there a way to display only the records that need correction? Thanks, Bill
  8. Submission Form V Details Report

    This helps a lot. Now I know how I want to proceed. Thanks, Bill
  9. Submission Form V Details Report

    Hello, Which would be the best DataPage to use for the following? I'd like to have a DataPage that has some prepopulated fields then the remainder of the fields blank which allows the user to complete them. The populated fields contain employee/co-worker information and the blank text fields are where the data can be input for either a peer or self evaluation. I built a Details Report which I tied to a view that pulls all the necessary fields for the evaluation. Currently it grabs every record completed or not. What I need is the DataPage to open up and display the basic employee/co-worker info and blank fields all the time. So what would be the best DataPage to display this with and how do I open it in an "Add" mode? Thanks, Bill