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  1. bbeshlian

    Update a Table

    Why can I update some tables in my database but not others? I have two tables which I need to update daily. When I use the Import function to bring them in the only option I have for these tables are to replace them. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  2. bbeshlian

    Change Password on First Login

    I got this to work redirecting first time users to a similar set up for a Forgot Password.
  3. Hello, I am setting up the security for my database. Given my company's policy I am directed to set and initial login password then prompt the user to change it based on the password settings selected. What is the best way to go about this? Thank you, Bill Beshlian
  4. bbeshlian

    Date Range Prompt /Filter

    I had this question answered during my Expert Session with a Caspio trainer. I was using the wrong Data Selection criteria on the Search Form.
  5. bbeshlian

    Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Vitalikssssss, Below is how is set everything up. As you can see I get only one prompt for Expiration_Date. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  6. bbeshlian

    Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Hello I've tried to add the criteria, pass parameters, etc... This article was very helpful when I was either looking ahead "X" days to see who needs to be scheduled for a class or looking back "X" days to see who has expired certifications. I want to input a start and end of a date range then have this data returned. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  7. bbeshlian

    Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Hello, I cannot get the prompt to work when I want to filter my Datapage by a date range. I want to enter a start date and end date then have the Datapage display the records that in the range. I have tried a couple of tips in the community forum and nothing has seemed to work. Thanks, Bill Beshlian
  8. bbeshlian

    Subtotals Do Not Download Correctly

    Hello, I have a Datapage where records are grouped by manager then subtotals are displayed for the Total Employee Evaluations, Completed Employee Evaluations and Remaining Employee Evaluations for each manager. When I preview the Datapage the subtotals are correct. However, when I export the Datapage the subtotals are not correct. For example, I have a manager who has 33 employee evaluations to complete, 15 are completed and 18 are remaining. When I export to Excel and lookup this manager I see 33 evaluations, 33 completed, 0 remaining. Thanks, Bill
  9. bbeshlian

    Datapage Download

    I answered my own question. I had to edit the field names in the view the Datapage is tied to...
  10. bbeshlian

    Datapage Download

    Hello, When I download a tabular formatted datapage, is there anyway I can have the field name (alias) exported and not the tablename.fieldname exported? Thanks, Bill
  11. Hello, I built a Tabular DataPage which includes a calculated field that indicates if a record needs correction. Is there a way to display only the records that need correction? Thanks, Bill
  12. bbeshlian

    Submission Form V Details Report

    This helps a lot. Now I know how I want to proceed. Thanks, Bill
  13. bbeshlian

    Submission Form V Details Report

    Hello, Which would be the best DataPage to use for the following? I'd like to have a DataPage that has some prepopulated fields then the remainder of the fields blank which allows the user to complete them. The populated fields contain employee/co-worker information and the blank text fields are where the data can be input for either a peer or self evaluation. I built a Details Report which I tied to a view that pulls all the necessary fields for the evaluation. Currently it grabs every record completed or not. What I need is the DataPage to open up and display the basic employee/co-worker info and blank fields all the time. So what would be the best DataPage to display this with and how do I open it in an "Add" mode? Thanks, Bill