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  1. Hello, Is there a way to convert a view into a table? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have a field named Code_Description and I want to parse the code into a separate field. The contents of the field are separated by an "_". Current State: Code_Description CDL_Commercial Drivers License Desired State: Code Code_Description CDL CDL_Commercial Drivers License I modified a piece of code that was shared with me when I asked about parsing a comma separated filed. The code validates but nothing is returned. Here is the modified code: IsNull(Left([@field:Code_Description],(Patindex('%
  3. Here is the trigger I built. It validates. However when I go to update/insert I get the error stating the Key field is required. Here are the Editing options for the Results page Thoughts? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Can a relationship be built between a Formula type Primary Key in one table and a Formula type Foreign Key in another table? Thanks.
  5. George43, I copied your formula to parse a field called "Code_Description". I just wanted to get the "Code" piece in a separate field and the field format is Code_Description. Here is what I used: IsNull(Left([@field:Code_Description],(Patindex('%_%', [@field:Code_Description])-1)),' ') The formula checks out good but is not returning the "Code". Thoughts? Thanks
  6. Maybe I did not make myself clear enough. The view that I built and want to use as the datasource for my datapage has duplicate records. I do not wish to have these duplicate records either when I run the view or displayed in the datapage. Is there a function similar to the SELECT DISTINCT in SQL which will either stop the duplicate records in the view or when I use the view as the datasource for my datapage. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have created a view which is returning duplicates of each record. Is there a way to prevent this from happening like the SELECT DISTINCT does in SQL in either the view or when I use this view as a source for a datapage? Thanks.
  8. Becca37, Here was the final solution I arrived at and it appears to work. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hello. I've built a search form which uses three virtual field then passes them to the datapage which does the filtering. Virtual 1 (start of date range) and Virtual 2 (end of date range) work as I need them to for the Installment Payments. Virtual 3 which is the corporate division (MBO) selected from a dropdown list appears to be for lack of a better term ignored. I've attached screen shots of my datapage elements and the logic. Thanks.
  10. Alison, Below is the code. Thank you. CASE WHEN [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment__Payment_1] IS NOT NULL THEN [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_1]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_2]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_3]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_4]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_5]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_6]+ [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_7]+ [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_8]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_9]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amoun
  11. TsiBiRu, The original post title is, Hide Submit Button If Calculated Field Contains A Negative Value. The URL is, https://forums.caspio.com/topic/8308-hide-submit-button-if-calculated-field-contains-negative-value/#comment-26250
  12. @kpcollier I changed Virtual2 to cbParamVirtual2 and the "Submit" button is still present...
  13. Hi TsiBiRu I came your script to hide the Submit button. I modified it (see below) to hide the Submit button if Invalid is returned. The Submit button is still showing what could I have missed? Thanks, Bill <script> document.querySelector('#caspioform').onsubmit = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var amount = document.getElementsByName('Virtual2')[Invalid].value; if(amount == 'Invalid') { alert('Total Installment Payments Does Not Equal Bonus Amount'); } else { this.submit(); } } </script>
  14. Hello, Is there a way this can be done without java scripting? The end users have an input form with multiple future installment payment dates on it. I'd like to have a message appear if the value in the installment payment date field < the value in the effective date field. Thanks, Bill
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