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  1. Hello, Is there a way to convert a view into a table? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I have a field named Code_Description and I want to parse the code into a separate field. The contents of the field are separated by an "_". Current State: Code_Description CDL_Commercial Drivers License Desired State: Code Code_Description CDL CDL_Commercial Drivers License I modified a piece of code that was shared with me when I asked about parsing a comma separated filed. The code validates but nothing is returned. Here is the modified code: IsNull(Left([@field:Code_Description],(Patindex('%
  3. Here is the trigger I built. It validates. However when I go to update/insert I get the error stating the Key field is required. Here are the Editing options for the Results page Thoughts? Thanks.
  4. Hello, Can a relationship be built between a Formula type Primary Key in one table and a Formula type Foreign Key in another table? Thanks.
  5. George43, I copied your formula to parse a field called "Code_Description". I just wanted to get the "Code" piece in a separate field and the field format is Code_Description. Here is what I used: IsNull(Left([@field:Code_Description],(Patindex('%_%', [@field:Code_Description])-1)),' ') The formula checks out good but is not returning the "Code". Thoughts? Thanks
  6. Maybe I did not make myself clear enough. The view that I built and want to use as the datasource for my datapage has duplicate records. I do not wish to have these duplicate records either when I run the view or displayed in the datapage. Is there a function similar to the SELECT DISTINCT in SQL which will either stop the duplicate records in the view or when I use the view as the datasource for my datapage. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I have created a view which is returning duplicates of each record. Is there a way to prevent this from happening like the SELECT DISTINCT does in SQL in either the view or when I use this view as a source for a datapage? Thanks.
  8. Becca37, Here was the final solution I arrived at and it appears to work. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Hello. I've built a search form which uses three virtual field then passes them to the datapage which does the filtering. Virtual 1 (start of date range) and Virtual 2 (end of date range) work as I need them to for the Installment Payments. Virtual 3 which is the corporate division (MBO) selected from a dropdown list appears to be for lack of a better term ignored. I've attached screen shots of my datapage elements and the logic. Thanks.
  10. Alison, Below is the code. Thank you. CASE WHEN [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment__Payment_1] IS NOT NULL THEN [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_1]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_2]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_3]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_4]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_5]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_6]+ [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_7]+ [@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_8]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amount_9]+[@field:Bonus_Data_Table_Installment_Amoun
  11. TsiBiRu, The original post title is, Hide Submit Button If Calculated Field Contains A Negative Value. The URL is, https://forums.caspio.com/topic/8308-hide-submit-button-if-calculated-field-contains-negative-value/#comment-26250
  12. @kpcollier I changed Virtual2 to cbParamVirtual2 and the "Submit" button is still present...
  13. Hi TsiBiRu I came your script to hide the Submit button. I modified it (see below) to hide the Submit button if Invalid is returned. The Submit button is still showing what could I have missed? Thanks, Bill <script> document.querySelector('#caspioform').onsubmit = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); var amount = document.getElementsByName('Virtual2')[Invalid].value; if(amount == 'Invalid') { alert('Total Installment Payments Does Not Equal Bonus Amount'); } else { this.submit(); } } </script>
  14. Hello, Is there a way this can be done without java scripting? The end users have an input form with multiple future installment payment dates on it. I'd like to have a message appear if the value in the installment payment date field < the value in the effective date field. Thanks, Bill
  15. Hello, I am trying to calculate total installment payments made to an individual to date. What I was trying to do was nest CASE statements since the SUM function will not work in a Calculated Field. Here is the logic I am using. If Payment Date 1 is not null then Installment Payment 1 else if Payment Date 2 is not null then Installment Payment 1 + Installment Payment 2 and so on... When I build my CASE statement it only resolves the first condition. Any thoughts? Thanks, Bill
  16. Thanks! I chose the first option and it works. Bill
  17. Hello, Is there a way to set a numeric field or a currency field to a default value? Thanks, Bill
  18. Hello, How would I capture the User ID from my Authorized User Table to insert into a log file (table)? When an authorized user Inserts, Updates or Deletes a record to table I need to capture their ID and the Time. I know how to set up the trigger for this. My issue is capturing the logged in User ID. Thanks, Bill
  19. George, Thanks for the help and providing the example file. It works! Bill
  20. Hello, I have a data table were Installment day dates are in multiple fields. What I want to do is input the date range, have the search check the installment date in each field then return the records that fall with in this date range. What's the best way to do this without having the end user input the date range multiple times? I attached screenshots. Table is the data I am searching. The criteria is Installment Dates between 2/1/19 and 4/1/19. Results is what I need returned. Thanks, Bill
  21. Hello Everyone, Thanks for providing me with answers that got me to dig deeper into my question. Here is what I did. For the Employee Data Input when the Submit button is clicked you are sent to the Bonus Data input DataPage. Also while configuring the fields I selected on the Advanced tab to pass the Employee ID on exit. I attached screen shots. Bill
  22. Kristina, I can see how a triggered action will work. However, how would I set up the submission form to collect the data then input it into the respective tables? I thought a DataPage will only allow me to work with one object like a View or Table at a time unless I have a parent/child relationship set and pass a parameter common to both tables. Thanks, Bill
  23. Hello, I want to build a Submission Form (DataPage) that submits data to two separate tables. The tables are built and a one to many relationship is set. I built the and tested two separate submission forms and they work as I want them to. The first submission form pulls the Employee Information from a separate source and is written to and Employee Information table. The second submission form pulls some data from the same source as the Employee Information, this is for the case if the Employee made a referral, and writes the data input to a Bonus Data table. I've watched a couple of the
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