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  1. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately this info doesn't apply to our case. What we have is an embedded application that runs as native code (not in a web browser), that communicates via the Caspio API. We had to change source code to support TLS1.2 and this is what we need to test.
  2. I know that Caspio will only work with TLS1.2 in the near future, so we are eager to test changes to our app to validate that we're ready for the change. Is there any way that we can force TLS1.2-only for our account, for a short period (10 minutes) so that we can validate that our applications are working as expected and are ready for the change? Our app is embedded, new versions are pushed via Caspio, so our customers will be dead in the water and need an out-of-band software update to get going again if things don't work, so we are very very interested in testing ahead of time.
  3. Thanks for the reply. They have just implemented this feature, it works like this: https://blah.caspio.com/rest/v1/views/MyView/rows?q={"pageNumber":2,"pageSize":10}
  4. I need to download more than 1000 rows via the REST API, is there an easy way to do it? Something like "get next 1000 rows", etc.? We've written an application that downloads data to a tablet via the REST API, the user then takes the tablet to remote locations off-line. Some of the data tables have more than 1000 rows, so our users are not able to get all of their data. I'm hoping Caspio has a built in way to "get next 1000 rows" so that we don't have to alter our tables to have sequential row indexes.
  5. Thanks for the reply. That is the conclusion I came to myself as well, I was just hoping I had missed something. Maybe in the future there will be a way to authenticate against the field at least. Perhaps send a hash or a password and receive back a bool indicating a match, etc... Thanks!
  6. How can I authenticate user passwords against a "password" type field in a Caspio view via the REST API? "Select" does not work with fields of type "Password" and I can't seem to figure out how to access the data. I'm writing a mobile application that uses the REST API to access our data via "views". One of the fields is a "password" field, and I need to be able to compare the password that the user enters into my application with the password stored in the database. I don't need to extract the password field, but I do need to know if the password entered by the user matches what's stored in the database. Any tips on how to do this, or links to documentation, would be greatly appreciated.
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