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  1. On 3/12/2018 at 6:58 PM, GoCubbies said:


    You can also add some HTML direct to the label itself. See this page: https://c0cqk194.caspio.com/dp/d667300046b81b2a2b534766a4eb.
    If you cycle through the records, you will see that Address 2 has text label in red when a value exists or hidden otherwise.  This was achieved by setting the element under the advanced tab to 'Hide when blank' and then setting the label itself for that field  to the following: 
    <span style="color:#FF0000;">Address 2</span> 

    Where do you apply the span style to the label as you've done in your example? That is what I'm trying to achieve, but I do not see an option in the data page set up that will allow the html to the  label. Thanks!

  2. I'm trying to set up a dynamic redirect after a user enters a code. I have a table set up that has a code and a url for the code. When a user enters a code in the first form field it completes a cascading text box with the url and after clicking submit it takes you to the correct page. All good. However, I found that an entry is entered into the url table. So I set the fields as virtual fields and now it enters a blank value into the table. How can I prevent a entry into the table? Also, I would like the url field to be hidden and not displayed. So the only form field displayed to the user is the code field. In the Dynamic Redirect How To is says you can set up a field as hidden, but when setting the field to hidden nothing happens. I appreciate any help offered.

  3. Is it possible to restrict the search fields that are visible in a data page and data depending on the user level security? If a user has full access, all of the search fields would display on the form and all of the data would be accessible. If the user has restricted access only certain search fields would display on the data page and the data results would be restricted as well.

  4. What I need to happen is when the login page is hit it should have the login form fields cleared so it will stop on the login page until new credentials are entered. Currently it retains the last credentials entered and goes directly to the page dedicated for those credentials.

  5. Is it possible to set up a distance search passing the parameters from a virtual form? I have a form with virtual fields that passes the parameters to another data page. I have the data page receiving [@OriginPoint] and [@Distance]. Everything works if I use a single form, but we would like to pass the parameters from another page to the results. Thanks!

  6. I've added a map to my datapage, but when it displays the script that was added to the html block displays on the data record and the map does not function. Is there a step I missed in the map mashup instructions? I gone through it several times with the same results.


  7. I have a data table with that could have multiple locations for a physician. From that data table I would like only one unique physician name display after the user enters their search criteria. From the list of names that match the criteria I would like the user to select the physician name and on the next page have it display all of the locations for the physician. From that list of locations the user would select one and have the details display for the location. How do I build the first query to get the unique physician name that matches the criteria? In SQL I could use distinct, but I don't see that as an option when building a view.


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