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  1. Thanks for your reply and idea, Andrew. I've added this suggestion to the Caspio Idea Box, http://ideabox.caspio.com/forums/164206-caspio-bridge/suggestions/39180958-concatenate-filename-for-download-of-search-result Waiting for votes ;-)
  2. I would like to construct the Excel File name as a concatenation of field values (and text). One idea is to concatenate the filename in a calculated field on the DataPage, and then submit this field in the File name textbox on the Advanced tab of the Result Page options https://howto.caspio.com/faq/reports-datapages/how-to-make-the-search-results-downloadable-for-my-users/ (by default I can add a date value to the file name). The search result will be a single record.
  3. Sadly, it doesn't allow you to send attachments ;-( as far as I can see
  4. This maybe not the most elegant solution, but splitting the script into two functions does the trick: <script type="text/javascript"> function addTimestamp (fileInputId, timestampInputId) { var fileInput = document.getElementById(fileInputId); fileInput.addEventListener('change', function () { if (fileInput.files.length !== 0 ){ document.getElementById(timestampInputId).value = '[@cbTimestamp]'; } }); }; addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_FSR_At', 'EditRecordMS_FSR_Dt'); addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_TPR_At', 'EditRecordMS_TPR_Dt'); addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_Inv_At', 'EditRecordMS_Inv_Dt'); function addSubmitter (fileInputId, SubmitterId) { var fileInput = document.getElementById(fileInputId); fileInput.addEventListener('change', function () { if (fileInput.files.length !== 0 ){ document.getElementById(SubmitterId).value = '[@authfield:XC_ID]'; } }); }; addSubmitter('EditRecordMS_FSR_At', 'EditRecordMS_FSR_Subm'); addSubmitter('EditRecordMS_TPR_At', 'EditRecordMS_TPR_Subm'); addSubmitter('EditRecordMS_Inv_At', 'EditRecordMS_Inv_Subm'); </script>
  5. Thanks Meekee, for the tip I do know how to store a timestamp on a submission and update/report form, which will be a timestamp for the record, (which an also be done on a table) The Report Datapage I hope to create allows two different users to store 3 separate files (reports), and I want to store who uploaded each file and when, by autofilling the submitter's user ID and a timestamp . Floris
  6. On submission of a file, I would like to store a time stamp and the current (authenticated / logged in) user. I found a javascript to store the time stamp and tried to add the user, but when I add the submitterId the script doesn't run: <script type="text/javascript">function addTimestamp (fileInputId, timestampInputId, submitterId) { var fileInput = document.getElementById(fileInputId); fileInput.addEventListener('change', function () { if (fileInput.files.length !== 0 ){ document.getElementById(timestampInputId).value = '[@cbTimestamp*]'; document.getElementById(submitterId).value = '[authfield:XC_ID]'; } }); }; addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_FSR_At', 'EditRecordMS_FSR_Dt', 'EditRecordMS_FSR_Subm'); addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_TPR_At', 'EditRecordMS_TPR_Dt', 'EditRecordMS_TPR_Subm'); addTimestamp('EditRecordMS_InvAt', 'EditRecordMS_InvDt, 'EditRecordMS_Inv_Subm'); </script> Any help sincerely appreciated. Do I have to split the script into two?
  7. I found a way to do it by adding a small function to the javascript to decode html entities: <script> function decodeEntities(encodedString) { var textArea = document.createElement('textarea'); textArea.innerHTML = encodedString; return textArea.value; } // Replace [@authfield:name] accordingly with the parameter or custom value you wish. var paramValue = '[@XC_Organization]'; // Replace with the name of your field as described in your DataSource var field_name = 'XC_Organization'; /* Edits are not necessary for this part */ var i_field = document.querySelector('form[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] #InlineAdd' + field_name); i_field.value = decodeEntities(paramValue); /* To this part*/ ......
  8. Thanks for this solution DN31337 One problem I came across is that a value like "Universität Wien" is inserted as "Universit&#228;t Wien". Is there a way to keep the special characters intact? Floris
  9. I think a very useful answer was given by DefinitelyNot31337 in his reply to the question 'Default Values for Inline Insert'
  10. Thanks MayMusic I think I have not been clear in my request. I have a Search and Report form, in which a search by Country and Institution (the latter is required). The report shows Contacts and their details per the selected Institution. What I would like to do is that when users want to add a new Contact for this Institution (via Inline Insert at the Top of the Tabular Report) that the Institution Name and Country are automatically filled in.
  11. Does anyone know why Caspio is down on Sunday May 6, 2018? At least for my account/ institution
  12. Caspio should have the ability to trigger email notifications automatically in Caspio Bridge. Can I ask you, Carlson, to elaborate a bit about option 2 using JavaScript on a bulk edit form to auto generate the email upon URL open and use Windows task manager to schedule? More specific, an example for the JS, and how to refer to open/refresh a Caspio page in Windows Task Manager.
  13. Thanks for your answer Douvega, I do hope Caspio will create a way to do this type of automated emails soon, so we don't have go through the hassle API's and third-party email delivery services
  14. I am trying to create a pop-up child form in the form of a Tabular Report datapage, as I want the user to be able to edit information relating to existing contacts or add a new contact for the organization; the organization is unique and represented by Org_ID on the original Submission Form. For additional records, I hope to set the inline insert value for the organization to its Org_ID, which is the parameter I want to filter the report on. If at all possible I would like to hide this Org_ID, and show the organization name either in the tabular report or ever better in the report Header. The link to open a pop-up would be next to the select a contact dropdown on the Submission form.
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