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  1. If you embed your Caspio pages in a Content Management System (CMS) like Sitefinity, only SinJunYoung's suggestion works. In this case, truncating is imported for fields that can have long text strings. I tried JolliBeng's suggestion as it looked more straightforward, but neither setting pixels or percentages work; they work/have an effect if you view/render the page as a native Caspio Page.
  2. NiceDuck's suggestion works for my app only to a certain extent. Sadly, the log-out time is stored against the previous Session_ID of the user. It appears that the authentication routine stores the status of the fields in the authentication table at the moment of authentication, and not refreshes them after the Session_ID gets updated (in my case via a trigger). I track the user's login via a hidden Auto Log In page in the T_User_Log table. I have a trigger on insert in that T_User_Log table that copies the random Session_ID into its equivalent in the T_User table. Next, I have a Log Ou
  3. I found my error: I inserted the id (id="btnAdd") to the input section instead off as part of the div parameters. <div id="btnAdd" style="display:none; justify-content:flex-end; width:50%; padding:0;"> <input class="cbSubmitButton" type="button" ..... (Before I found this error, I also set the page to be responsive.) Thanks so much for you great solution, Sandy159 Floris
  4. Thanks Sandy159, Your solution and set-up looked very promising. However something in my set up is not exactly right. According to the 'hiding the map' article, in the used Localization Settings, I customized Element ID #351 (the No Records Found message) by adding div tags around the message to <div id="norecord"><h1>No records found.</h1></div>. I changed the entry in the Header of the Results page (i.e. display:none; and added id="btnAdd") to look like <div style="display:none; justify-content:flex-end; width:50%; padding:0;"> <inpu
  5. I solved the placement of the button. No luck yet hiding it when no records found. <div style="display:flex; justify-content:flex-end; width:50%; padding:0;"> <input class='cbSubmitButton' type="button" onclick="location.href='https://[pagelink]?XC_ID=[@field:XC_ID]';" value="Add Contact" /> </div>
  6. On a search result page, I want to show a button to open up a submission form, when there are no records found for the selection criteria and I want to align that button to the right of the form. The tabular results are shown under the search boxes. I have attached two pictures that show the current and desired situation for either Records Found and No Records Found
  7. Just what I needed, for a repurposed search (to function as background information for a tabular report)
  8. I have setup 2FA for external users. To enable an extra level of security (for malicious hackers) as well as an already trusted user interface/landing page for internal users, my idea is to route internal users through another application named PALMS, which they are already familiar with. As they log into PALMS, their login instance receives a unique token (picked from a table with 1 Million predetermined tokens). My Caspio app will have an identical table of with the same 1M tokens. The link from a PALMS page to the Caspio App will have the following structure: <a href="URL
  9. Hi again, CoopperBackpack, I changed the page's source from a View to a Table, and the two virtual fields are now calculated values based on a select statement, drawing information from a View. Now the JS script no longer works. Do you have any ideas why, and for a workaround? Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (8777500065adaf522f0942fca682?ID=414:935) at f_dataPageReadyEvent.dispatchEvent (8777500065adaf522f0942fca682?ID=414:2473) at f_dataPageReadyEvent.init (8777500065adaf522f0942fca682?ID=414:2473)
  10. Starting with LittleMsGinger's workaround (and using her validation trick based on virtual fields ), Dmytro from the helpdesk and I came up with the following routine, which also works for a Direct Deploy URL (NB. Testing is best done via an incognito window of your browser, and by having a log-out page open.) Two-Factor Authentication – Two Tables, Two DataPages --> An auto-submit Submission DataPage ‘Log_Auto_Form’ for tracking log-in records in the T_Log table. On entering an email and a standard password via a User Authentication, the Log_Auto_Form page emails a One-Time
  11. I would love to have a bit more detailed advice from NiceDuck too. I'm stuck at the same point.
  12. Thanks so much LittleMsGinger, Three questions: 1. Can you describe the whole process, and how these DataPages each play a roll? 2. What are the DataPages you point to as the value for window.location in the javascripts, for both the Acknowledgement Email and Standalone Login Screen? 3. How did you finish the Details Page (at step 6) ? Does direct to the original/intended destination page? Floris
  13. Thanks CoopperBackpack, your solution worked (almost perfectly). I put your JavaScript in the header of the DataPage, and changed the option around, as title == title1, the innerHTML of the H4 header should read "Add your Invoice and Financial Statement Report". Floris
  14. Hi CoopperBackpack, I will definitively give your suggestion a go (next week) and let you know how I go. Floris
  15. I want to change a header of submission datapage based on a comparison between two virtual fields on the page. The virtual fields are fixed values for the record drawn from an underlying query, using dropdown values. If Virtual 2 <> Virtual 3 a section with a submission field for the Financial Statement Report is hidden (via Rule 1) , and if Virtual 2 = Virtual 3 the same field is set to be required (via Rule 2). I did not create the header, but it looks currently like this: <div class="container mt-3 mb-3"> <div class="row"> <div class="co
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