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  1. Hi Mathilda, Just found that there is still one problem with the script, the script works when 2 emails are selected, however, when I have 3 or more emails selected, the subsequent emails were not being sent as the divider between email was not replaced with semicolon Please refer to the example of emails that I've managed to captured below, as you can see, only the 1st and 2nd email was replaced with semicolon but not the subsequent emails. tansonglian@gmail.com; tansonglian@yahoo.com,xxx@yahoo.com,song.lian.tan@recgroup.com Appreciate if you can help to amend the script.
  2. Hi Mathilda, Can your solution be modified to do send notifications to multiple email addresses? I was trying out your solution, but realised that my email address is using text and not list datatype. What I'm trying to accomplish is to email to all the employees of selected companies based on user selection. However, Caspio does not support this and they recommended me to use bulk editing as a work around, It works but it requires extra steps and also extra datapages. I need a more elegant solution for my project. Thanks
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