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  1. Help with Zapier Integration

    great thanks for your help
  2. Field Validation on Submit

    I have a text field for entering a mobile number on a submit Data Page. I would like to validate the mobile entered to be in the format 61xxxxxxxxx. Reason is I pass this number through zapper to send SMS updates in twilio to new members with their details. How can I validate the field on submission. I have already set the field to repeat for confirmation and a placeholder in the format I require the mobile, but people still add as for example 0456888222
  3. Hi, I am using zapier to push new records across to Twilio and send an SMS. With this I have had success. However when updating records I only want records transferred across to zapier and twilio to send a SMS dependent upon changing a one certain field in the record. Not all records that have been updated. Any suggestions??? Rgds Scott