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  1. See below. I trigger a record to be inserted into the renewedlog_invoice when a record is tagged as renewed in the insurancehouse_members_db table. If the record is updated twice two entry are made in the Renewedlog_Invoice Table. Rather than a second record being inserted into the Renewedlog_Invoice Table I would prefer it update the first record that was created when it first triggered. I think similar Place works issue above your Have you tried the comparison type, "NOT IN"? May fix this for me??? Many Thanks for your help
  2. Glitch.... I have the same issue as Placeworks....Can you send a screenshot of your trigger so I can do a similar comparison......Can not open the file in the above message..... Thanks
  3. Thanks for the response BaySunshine....I have the trigger working whereby I insert records into a different table and then bring them back into the original table with the trigger on it....However the email section of the trigger is not working???? Thanks for your help.... See below screen shot of the trigger...
  4. I have a table who's population are a number of memberships with a "Start_Date" and "End_Date". I would like to run a trigger that renews the memberships "End_Date " with todays date using a timestamp when the membership field "renew" is set and updated to "YES". Following this an automated email is triggered to email the members "Email_Address" when the renew is set to "Yes" with the new "End_Date". I have tried doing this with a trigger in the same table but have a level 2 error and understand that update can be triggered in the same table. Does anyone have a work around for this.
  5. On a Submission form I would like a button to validate all fields and records and run my imbedded HTML in my footer, similar to the checking of fields when the submit button is executed. When this checking button is executed and successful a confirmation of all details appears and the final execution button appears with the data and a submit button can be executed and insert the record in the table. The reasoning for this is I have some front of sales people who may at time enter incorrect information and I want them to check their entries prior to a final submission execution to the table. Possible??
  6. I have a field in a dataform. [@field:Rego] If a person enters "UNREG" into this filed I would like the field to populate with the [@field:AutoNumber] field on hitting the submission button. Any ideas???
  7. We are a membership based company that distributes via a number of third party stores. I have created a Capsio table that holds memberships for our business. The memberships are entered into the table via a form by each store we have. When submitted the store details are auto populated including email address from another table. On a monthly basis I would like to email a statement to each store for the memberships they have created. and once sent via email I will tag the records using another table field that they have been sent. I have not come across anything in capsio that will automate this for me. ie. create a report for each store and email a list of the records the records they have created. I know I can do this with email notifications on a record by record basis. However has anyone done this on a report basis for all records for a certain period???
  8. I have a text field for entering a mobile number on a submit Data Page. I would like to validate the mobile entered to be in the format 61xxxxxxxxx. Reason is I pass this number through zapper to send SMS updates in twilio to new members with their details. How can I validate the field on submission. I have already set the field to repeat for confirmation and a placeholder in the format I require the mobile, but people still add as for example 0456888222
  9. Hi, I am using zapier to push new records across to Twilio and send an SMS. With this I have had success. However when updating records I only want records transferred across to zapier and twilio to send a SMS dependent upon changing a one certain field in the record. Not all records that have been updated. Any suggestions??? Rgds Scott
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