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  1. On a claims list results table, I have inserted an HTML field next to a text datafield [@Claim_Status]. The [@Claim_Status] displays the status of the claim record; and the claim record has a unique identifier [@Claim_ID]. I want the HTML field to display a hyperlinked text ("Complete Claim") if [@Claim_Status] equal "pending". If the status does not equal "pending", then show nothing at all. The link will open a new webpage to a datapage and receive a parameter [@Claim_ID] to pull up the claim so that the end user can complete the claim. What is the conditional script for this?
  2. I need a solution to show a link once 30 days has passed since the last record update. First, I am using a calculated field to calculate the number of days that has passed since the date of Last Updated. Then, I have a condition that if the days passed are less than 30 days, show nothing. If the days passed are greater than 30 days, show a link (it's a link to edit the record). <script> if ([@calcfield:1#] < 30) { document.write(blank); } else{ document.write('<a href='https://c4ect907.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=e5295000169646ebdc934a6e96d4?Keyword_ID=[@field:Keyword_ID]'>edit</a>'); } </script>
  3. It seems that pace.js is being recommended a lot, but how does one actually use it? http://github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/
  4. Solution: This code in the header. <style> span[class^='cbFormData'] img { border-radius: 8px; } </style>
  5. Where do I enter that information? I figured it would be in the CSS for the style, but there doesn't seem to be a class with the word photo or image that stands out. Currently, the image field is set to display, so I am not using an HTML field to load the image. I am using the HTML field for the welcome message.
  6. Caspio has a connection with PayPal via Zapier. PayPal will add a new records to your selected Caspio database after a successful completion of a purchase. Therefore, you can have new customers land into a Caspio table that is the authorized table for access to the search. However, I do not know if there is a way to insert the initial paywall between search and results pages, but rather the paywall would be before the search page (after paying PayPal).
  7. I am using a search and report DataPage to display a user's profile photo until landing on my Dashboard page. I would like the photo to appear as a circle (just like our profile photo for this forum in the upper-right corner). Any idea on how to do that? I also want the "Welcome, Myles" to be centered vertically to the image.
  8. I am using the JavaScript from this "Limit the Number of Submissions" article to display one hyperlinked image or another hyperlinked image based on meeting a condition. This is the original JavaScript from the article: <script> if([@field:Attendees] <[@field:Maximum_Attendees]) { document.write("<a href='SubmissionURL&Course_ID=[@field:Course_ID]'> Signup </a>"); } else { document.write("<p>Signup Closed</p>") } </script> This is my modified version with image links instead of text links: <script> if([@field:Keyword_Count#] <[@field:Max_Keywords#]) { document.write("<a href='URLwithPARAMETERS'><img src='IMAGEURL'></a>"); } else { document.write("<a href='URLwithPARAMETERS'><img src='IMAGEURL'></a>") } </script> Currently, when a visitor clicks on the image, the destination of the hyperlink is the same window. I would like the destination to be a popup window with resized window. I already use JavaScript popup code in another DataPage, so I figured I would paste and modify as so document.write("<a onclick="window.open(...); return false"><img></a>"), but this does not work. JavaScript popup code that works on another app, outside of the document.write("..."). <a onclick="window.open('URLwithPARAMETERS','popup','width=550,height=200, scrollbars=no,resizable=no,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,status=no,left=50,top=50'); return false"><img alt="Delete" src="IMAGEURL" style="width: 20px; height: 20px; margin: 1px;" /></a> Any recommendations?
  9. Thanks, that worked!
  10. Hi Mathilda, Thank you for the script. It worked for me as well. However, the script is only showing on the first page of results and when I click to the next page of results, it doesn't show. Do you know why?
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