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  1. I have created a map mashup. The markers are loading very slowly, one at a time. I would like to increase the speed in which they show up on the map or have them show up all at once. I am using Lat and Long coordinates that are already in my data to map the markers. I have tried using the default icons provided. I have tested the speed of load via the URL deployment and Website deployment, so it is not my hosting website causing the delay. Does anyone have suggestions on increasing the speed of markers using a map mashup? You can see it deployed here: The Bright App 2.0 • WIM Tracking
  2. Thank you both! @CoopperBackpack and @TellMeWhy that worked.
  3. @CoopperBackpack I figured out how to make these two fields function as "or" during the search. Now I just need the second field to be pre-selected, like what you created for me for the first field. I added a second event listener, but the second field is not functioning. I am wondering if I need to add an ID or define each event in the javascript? <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', selectedOptionHandler) function selectedOptionHandler() { let firstAccounts_Physical_City = document.querySelector('#Value25_1 > option[value="Bozeman"]'); let secondAccounts_Physical_City = document.querySelector('#Value25_1 > option[value="Belgrade"]'); let thirdAccounts_Physical_City = document.querySelector('#Value25_1 > option[value="Livingston"]'); firstAccounts_Physical_City.selected = secondAccounts_Physical_City.selected = thirdAccounts_Physical_City.selected = true; document.removeEventListener('DataPageReady', selectedOptionHandler); }; </script> <script> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', selectedOptionHandler) function selectedOptionHandler() { let firstContacts_HC_Service = document.querySelector('#Value26_1 > option[value="Option 2: Help Center Crisis Answering Service & Referral Database"]'); let secondContacts_HC_Service = document.querySelector('#Value26_1 > option[value="Option 3: Extended Emergency Response Service, Help Center Crisis Answering Service & Referral Database"]'); firstContacts_HC_Service.selected = secondContacts_HC_Service.selected = true; document.removeEventListener('DataPageReady', selectedOptionHandler); }; </script>
  4. I have a search and report datapage. It provides a list of a records as a tabular report and a google map mashup is displayed above the results. I have the "map it" button enabled to send the user to the map to view the location on the map. Is there a way to then send the user back to the record in the tabular report below the map using a link in the info card? View the live datapage here:2.0 The Bright App • WIM Tracking
  5. @CoopperBackpack In the table, the field Contracts_HC_Service may contain 1, 2, or 3. The field Accounts_Physical_City could be any city in Montana. I'd like the default/pre loaded results on the search datapage to be the cities of Bozeman or Livingston or Belgrade OR Contacts_HC_Service contains 2 or Contacts_HC_Service contains 3. Then, the records returned could then be those with cities other than Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston, but Contacts_HC_Service inclues 2 or 3. AND Contacts_HC_Service returned could be records that contain 1, but are in Bozeman, Belgrade, or Livingston.
  6. @CoopperBackpack Is there anyway to search with these preselected cities but also return results IF another field is a certain value? So if the default city field is set to "Bozeman", "Belgrade", "Livingston", but the search returns results for records in any city IF the Type of the record is "Option 2", "Option 3".
  7. Hi have a non-authenticated app that is deployed on 7 websites. I would like to track how many searches are completed in the app and even better know what website is hosting the app the searches are coming from. I know that I can create a submission page and pass these parameters into a table and build a second app to display the results (Separate Search Page and Results Page into Two Different Web Pages - Caspio Online Help). However, using this does not work for me since the same app is on 7 websites and the second app (results) is hosted on a different page and requires sending the user to a URL specific to the website they are currently on. Has anyone built something like this or know a work around?
  8. @CoopperBackpack Just had to change the value ID as you laid out and it works perfectly! Thank you
  9. In a search datapage, with a list of cities available in a multi-select list box, how can I "pre-select" or set multiple values as the default search. Users want to see cities Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston as the default records returned in the default search results below the search form. The will then have the ability to change the selection using the multi select city field. The values stored in the city field are a text field. Thanks for your ideas!
  10. I have a search datapage that displays results in a tabular report. When I search, based on what I see in the results, I want to select certain records to be included in my export or download to excel. Does anyone know a way to add a custom selection box to only download certain records from the tabular report?
  11. I have a search and report datapage that when deployed on most Wordpress websites functions properly. On one wordpress website that uses (Theme X) the radio buttons are not displaying on the same line. In the datapage it is set to display "multiple options per line". The hint images are also displaying on the line under the label. I believe I need to enter custom css into the style in order to make the radio buttons display multiple options per line and the hint images to stay on the same line. What css can be used? Here is the app functioning with the issues when deployed: https://www.mtpca.org/behavioral-health-directory/ Here is the app functioning properly when deployed: https://wimtracking.com/thebrightapp/
  12. Hi @NiceDuck Yes, the data pulls from one View. It's a limit on the total count of all records downloaded over one year. So download one, they download a .csv file of 500 records, download two, they download a .csv file of 3,000 records. Now they have downloaded 3,500 records and can only download another 2,000. Once they download the last 2,000 records, the download option should be disabled. So they can download as many .csv files as needed, until the total count of all the records from each download reaches 5,500. Thanks so taking a look!
  13. I have a Report Datapage that displays Tabular results. I have enabled users to download their search results into a .csv file. I would like to limit the number of records (5,500) that each user can download over the course of 365 days. I would like to continue to allow them to download as many records each time they search until they have dowloaded 5,500. At that time I would like the download option to be disabled. Has anyone done this? Thanks
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