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  1. I have built a Caspio submission form that contains 8 fields that collect data using a multi-select string field. Upon submission of the data, I need to send the data to FormStack. I am using Zapier to do so. The problem I am running into is that Zapier does not read the multi-select data field. Does anyone know of a work around of how I can collect the data via a multi-select field in a submission form and send the data to another database?
  2. I needed a similar way for users to search for duplicate accounts and merge through a datapage. I just added an HTML field on an account datapage and sent parameters to a new datapage that was pre-filtered using the parameters from the account they were on.
  3. This worked: window.onload = function () { var table = document.getElementById("caspioform").getElementsByTagName("table")[0]; table.style.pageBreakInside = "auto"; for (var row of table.rows) { row.style.pageBreakAfter = "auto"; row.style.pageBreakInside = "avoid"; } }
  4. Any ideas on how to insert a custom link next to the standard link that you can choose to allow users to download records into Excel/csv in a gallery report. See attached image.
  5. I have created a gallery report and I need to allow for only 30 results to print per page using browser print. I want the user to be able to print all of the query results at once so I don't want to set it up to show 30 records per page and then make the user scroll to the next page and hit print again. I believe the best way to achieve this I need to insert a page break after every 30 records. Is this achievable? If so, how? Thank you.
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