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  1. Thank You Mathilda, However, I am not trying to build a custom form with a custom submit button. I am trying to use the submit button on the native caspio form. If you can help...then that will be great.
  2. Good Evening... I have created my application to enable users to sign up which leaves a e-mail address and GUID on the table that later requires First Name and Last Name to be mandatory. However, the mandatory fields that I set as mandatory is not following the rules. Does anyone know how to logically check to ensure that the fields are not null? I have provided a example? function validateFormOnSubmit(theForm) {var reason = ""; reason += validateUsername(theForm.username); reason += validatePassword(theForm.pwd); reason += validateEmail(theForm.
  3. Thanks! It works using one field but I have multiple. I have tried this but it does not strip special characters when I am trying to use it for multiple fields. Any advice. <script> function check() { var x = document.getElementById("EditRecordPHONE_NUMBER").value; document.getElementById("EditRecordPHONE_NUMBER").value=x.replace(/[^0-9 ]/g, ""); } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit = check; function checkB() { var y = document.getElementById("EditRecordMOBILE_NUMBER").value; document.getElementById("EditReco
  4. Ok. I have an update form and I will need to create a function that will execute on update similar to the one below and will need it to check for characters outside the a-z and A-Z and delete them. Any idea? window.onload = function () { var passwordField = document.getElementById('EditRecordPASSWORD'); var confirmationField = document.getElementById('EditRecordPASSWORD@Confirm'); passwordField.value = ''; confirmationField.value = ''; }; </script>
  5. I have a couple of field which allow users to put phone numbers, employee numbers and etc. However, Employees will always find ways to put special characters. I will need a JS to remove all special characters from these fields. Please help.
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