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  1. I have established a tabular report (datapage1) . At the end, the user has an option to export the results to excel, which I need to keep. But, I also need to add a button that will take the results of (datpage1) directly to another tabular datapage (datapage2) and the input to datapage 2 will be the output of datapage 1 automatically. I am really new and just learning. I have been trying to read the forum questions but can not find one that matches what I am looking to do. Thanks ahead for any help
  2. I am new to Caspio and need help. I created a data page that allows user to search a (or more than one) source. The results page lists the source(s) and for each their term number. User wants to select term numbers and pass those term numbers directly into second data page which I set up to search by term number. The solution I am being told is to use Java to creates a multiply select in data page 1 results page and pass selection to data page 2. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate your help.
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