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  1. The short answer is no, SELECT DISTINCT is not available for a view (or datapage), or GROUP BY aggregate functions. If you search deeper here you'll find some creative ways to get the job done. Somewhat clunky but I have used grouping on the datapage along with some css hacking to hide the child rows. Also clunky but effective could be adding a "placeholder" table (or view) that is distinct to base your report datapage on and then use a keyID field and calculated fields for the report row fields where you can define the SQL to create a distinct result. Feel free to add some votes to the id
  2. This is on a report details page containing both UPDATE and DELETE buttons, I have been unsuccessful in capturing / processing a delete event using the the new AJAX processing. The functional intention is that I have a requirement to verify some data / field values before permitting a record delete. Before the AJAX release, I could capture Mod0DeleteRecord onclick event and then process using return false if validation failed. With AJAX on, I can still capture the button click and process a validation (actual code below), but the return false and event.preventDefault does stop the
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