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  1. Thank you Vitalikssssss.. I will give this a try. One question, how to I automate the process of adding new signups to the Lookup Table. Is there a way to add someone to the Lookup after they have signed up?
  2. On a submission form I have a required field that needs to contain a code from the sponsor of the person signing up. I have made the field required but I also need to make sure it is valid by checking the database to make sure it already exists. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thanks
  3. Thanks Mathilda but what I want is to automate this rather than have a person required to update the table.. I am looking into creating a zapier
  4. I have a DB that receives data from a zapier that feeds in Stripe payment data. I want to match the payment data to the customer data that is another table. If I was using sql I would select the new entry in the Stripe data table and find the match in the customer table and then read the data from table i and then modify the data in table 2. Is is possible to automate this in Caspio or do I need to develop something in zapier to do this?
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