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  1. Hi, We use the free option of Capsio for the library of the Institut canadien-français d'Ottawa (ICFO) founded in 1852. It is a non-profit organization. And I must say, Caspio online database is the best thing on the market and we tried a lot of online databases. Easy to use, powerful, fast, stable and all the options are there. Thank you, excellent job. André Lajoie cultural direction of the ICFO www.icfo.ca/library/
  2. Hi, I would like to change the beginning of the week to Sunday (dimanche in french canada) instead of Monday (lundi). It does so in localization in English, but I need it in French also. I looked in the Define Localization Settings, but there is no setting for the beginning of the week for the calendar. Any Ideas? Thanks, André Couturier
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