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    Caspio Mobile Kit

    Hi, Sorry for the late response. Regrettably i never found a fix for the dropdown issue. I moved away from using the Mobile kit and started using Bootstrap 4.3.1 and different dashbord themes that are available in stead. Was much easier to use and customize. But you have to have some knowledge of HTML and how to use Bootstrap.
  2. Hi. I dont think this is a problem you need to worry about. In our app we now have about 25gig in files, mostly pdf and pictures. We also have another 25gig in record data (compliance grow plan). We have not had any perfomance isdues because of this. Some of our heavier pages have almost 20 datapages deployed on one page also. I did adress this possible issue my self to my PS manager but was told it was not going to be a problem. But we are going to move all our files to aws s3 to free up space. GB is quite expensive in caspio for some reason.
  3. Hi, thanks for your suggestion, but my calculated fields already have the formatting set to none. What i am trying to do is just count how many new follow-ups, projects and project comments that is assigned to one user. If you have the correct syntax to count these values and to show 0 when there is no values found it would be a great help..
  4. Hi. I have a few SQL calculations that is counting data from my tables and views and giving me a number value. The problem is when calculation cannot find any results i always get a $0 insted of a clean 0 number value. how do i set this up the right way? This also only happens if i have not been assigned any projects. If you look at the picture you see what happens when i log in with nothing assigned.. SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT Projects_ProjectID) FROM _v_Customer_addNotesToProjects WHERE Projects_Assigned_staff = '[@authfield:Users_UserID]' AND Project_Notes_Viewed = 'False'
  5. LynnR

    Caspio Mobile Kit

    I have just tried out Caspio Mobile Kit and its quite easy to setup and use, but i have some issues with dropdown menues on Andoid devices. I just cant toggle the dropdown menues. Nothing happens when i try to use them. On Iphone/Ipad there are no issues at all. I have also tried using Opera, crhome, firefox on the devices. I thought at first there was something with my setup and tried the mobile kit "as is" without configuring anything and I see that it has the same issues as my app with dropdowns. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? Maybe someone has an updated Mobile Kit that works?
  6. Does anyone have any other good styles other than the included or the ones in the ready made apps?
  7. This worked like a charm. Thank you very much.. I need to learn Javascript
  8. I have a pretty basic submission form with a dropdown menu with different job types. These job types are defined in a lookup table with "JobTypeID", "JobType" and "JobDescription" When choosing the different job types I would like the job description to be displayed right under the dropdown menu. So far so good. Easy enought just using a virtual field and cascading elements to display the job description. But how can i use this cascading "JobDescription" info in an HTML block and use my own html/css styling? I cannot use static info in the html block because of "Record level security" on the job type field.
  9. Was wondering if there is any way to have the activity from the user logs displayed and filtered in reports?
  10. I would also like to know if there is a good way to get this done..
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