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  1. My staff needs to create "estimates" Every estimate relates to a customer (obviously) Some customers are already in our database so the staff can select that customer from a drop down or similar. But most customers are new so before staff can "create an estimate", first they need to "create" the customer. And it seems very inefficient to have staff first use one form to create the customer and then another form to create the estimate and finding the relevant new customer from a drop down in the estimate form. So what I want is: One form That asks my staff to: "select existing customer" or "create new customer record" And then accordingly, if staff chooses to select existing customer then they do so from a drop down menu And if they choose to create new customer record, then a new form inside of the original form will open (or pop up) that lets them first add the new customer record, then when finished, they keep on adding the estimate record. I hope that makes sense. How can I achieve this with Caspio?
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