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  1. Thank you for the quick feedback! The problem I'm running up against is that the short date is not detailed enough to distinguish it from other submissions. For example, we may have multiple users submitting entries close to the same time in any given day, and I need a way to make the submission ID unique. I was thinking the long date format (including seconds) might come in handy for that, but I'm not having success yet with the replace function. User error I'm sure! Do you have any other suggestions along the lines of creating unique IDs (preferably with a prefix) at the point of submission? I thought about creating a separate table just for the purpose of generating unique IDs, but I haven't worked through the details yet on how to issue one ID per submission and not reuse it. My submission table needs to allow for that unique ID to be stamped on multiple items with the submission. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Hello! This might be an unusual request, but I am looking for a way to create and stamp a new submission ID on multiple records each time a bulk edit is submitted for a particular DataPage. The ID needs to be unique to other IDs, but it will be stamped on multiple records in the table at the point of submission. My thought was to create a hidden field with a default value, which would be a combination of a prefix (i.e., WO-) and then a system parameter (i.e., [@cbTimestamp]). The problem I'm running into is that I would like the date to be broken down into a numeric string instead of having spaces and punctuation, such as dashes and colons. This is what I'm currently getting: WO-08/30/2017 11:34:46. I would like to get this instead: WO-1504110886. Any ideas on this? I very well may be overthinking things, so I welcome suggestions. We don't have to use the timestamp at all, but it was just an idea for how to create a unique ID at the point of submission.
  3. Thanks so much! This did the trick. My updates are now saving again to the table. Appreciate your help!!
  4. Thank you for posting this helpful JS solution! This is exactly what I am needing for one of our projects. The only problem I'm experiencing is that my bulk edit data is not saving to my table after adding this script to the DataPage. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I used the script as is - no changes.
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