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  1. thanks anyway, but telling someone to scrap everything they have and use something different isn't a solution. The follow-up question of course is there a way to communicate in and out of iframe. Caspio gives the option to deploy into iframes. Would that make any difference? It would seem odd and a gross oversight to me (a non programmer) that anyone would produce a technology that is a black box.
  2. So I have a Wix page already set up and the table DataPage works fine except it is stuck on the parameter value I originally set. The ideal solution here is that when a user logs in, Wix passes/creates a parameter [@email_address]. This is already set as a unique value in a Caspio table. From there I can get [@player_id] which would then be used as authentication in the datapae, I just need a way to take the sign in from Wix and use that to define the authentication for the datapage. If this isn't possible, then I will have to create a two tiered login for all users (1 for the site and a second for data entry). All users are intended to enter data so it seems unnecessarily redundant.
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