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  1. The series of autosubmit is in an effort to get a table with 25 different records (from Year 1 to Year 25) with a dozen different formula fields (all changing based on the Year as the independant variable). I need to have these in a format that lends itself to easy aggregate and graph reports. Perhaps there is a better way to do this but my understanding so far was that I could build a table that would act as a calculating tool for these numbers, then copy the 25 records to a table that will serve as an archive for the calculated records.
  2. I believe I answered my initial (silly) question but am wonder if sending an autonumber as a parameter when initializing a series of auto submits after a single record update form. Best practice? or is there a better way?
  3. I am trying to create a financial analysis table (that I can generate graphs and reports from) with fields that will autofill from existing table records that then reference lookup tables specific to each analysis. In addition, there are a number of independant variables (Y) built into the formula fields which reference the "Year" field (from 1 to 25). Is it possible for me to create a submit and a single record update form that autosubmits through 25 repetitions of these calculations (by passing Year as the parameter and adding 1 until the 25th record is submitted), then generate my graph and report from this table?
  4. Is is possible to enter series functions for calculations in forms or reports? I have been browsing the forum and so far I haven't come across any application of series functions that can be used for financial calculations such as Net Present Value (NPV). The equation would be something like: Sum from t=1 to t=T of ∑ {After-Tax Cash Flow / (1+r)^t} - Initial Investment
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