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  1. Hi I am new to caspio,  JS. I have a attendee checkin screen. I need to validate attendee by entering least on to the validation values to make sure the right person is checkedin. I have 3 validation values, code sent at the time of registration, mobile number and email. I have setup an update for with 3 virtual fields and modified a JS function I found on this forum to check if atleast on of the field is entered and then to check the enter field is same as on record. For some reason the fucntion never get call when I click the update button. below is the code. Really appreciate if someone can point what I am missing/doing wrong. Thanks in advance for your help.

    <script language="Javascript">

     function myFunction()
         var field_code = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value;
         var field_email = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2").value;
         var field_phone = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual3").value;

     if (field_code == "" && field_phone == "" && field_email == ""){
         alert("Please enter at least one verification value. Please try again.");
         return false;    } 
      else if ( field_code !== "") {
             If  (field_code !== [@field:ER_CODE]{
         alert("Attendee Code did not match. Please try again.");
         return false;                     }

      else if (field_phone !== "") {
          If  (field_phone !== [@field:Phone#]{
         alert("Attendee Phone number did not match. Please try again.");
         return false;                     } 
       else if (field_email !== "") {

       if (field_email !== [@field:Email]) {
         alert("Attendee Email did not match. Please try again.");
         return false;  }
    document.getElementById("caspioform"). Mod0EditRecord = myFunction; 

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