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  1. Nope, recreated the page, used an embed block instead, and still it broke the ability to edit the page as soon as I saved it. There's definitely something about the embed code that is disabling the Squarespace editor.
  2. Yeah, I had seen that, but to no avail. The page in question is not very complicated, so I might just recreate it. But I think I might have figured out the cause. I used a code block instead of an embed block, and that might make all the difference. The reason I posted here was because I thought perhaps someone knew of some incompatibility with the javascript or something that would cause the editor not to recognize it as script and block its execution in the editor. I'm going to try recreating the page and using embed block instead and see what happens.
  3. I'm building a Squarespace site and was all excited when I found that Caspio offered a way to implement a simple database search. Signed up, and in 15 minutes had a working search. Super awesome so far. In the Squarespace editor, you add the embed code in a "code block" on the page. Yesterday, once I had done that, the editor (or the javascript code referenced in the embed code) seemed to recognize I was looking at the page through the Squarespace editor and did not show the form, instead displaying a message about being in edit mode and so forth. That was just fine, as the site worked as expe
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