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  1. Hi @pmcfarlain, While I didn't grasp all the details you provided, I can make some suggestions to improve your task: 1) Modify WHERE in UPDATE clause to specify which records in tbl_ggl_job_lines_days table should exactly get updated. Since there is no reference to any fields from tbl_ggl_job_lines_days, the one value that is returned from SELECT will get updated to all the records in that table. Here is one example you can refer to: This will update only the records where the IDs in both tables match. 2) Modify SELECT query and add the joins that you have added below in the UPDATE part to this query including WHERE Unit_Type = "FREIGHT". I am not sure if you need to add these joins only in SELECT query or add in both SELECT and UPDATE but they have to be added in SELECT query for sure. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi @chuckiecc, Are you not able to add your code in a HTML block? Can you give more details on your issue so I can give you a better suggestion?
  3. Hi @af123, When adding any script in HTML editor, always click 'source' and add it or disable the editor by unchecking the box below and then add the code. If not, the code will show as it is and will be read as text instead of JavaScript code. Also, the URL in the screenshot seems incorrect. It cannot have both http and https. Try removing "http://www." part from it and test.
  4. Hi everyone, Caspio has a howto article on this topic: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-dynamically-change-the-background-of-a-results-page/ Hope that helps.
  5. Hi @Yelbic, To display a image, add a HTML block, Click on the image icon on the right and open the dropdown and choose the file field. You can specify the width and the height of the image to customize the size of the image.
  6. Hi @jeffs88keys, You can give the following a try: 1) Add a HTML block in your report. 2) Click Source and add the following code: <span id="[@field:ID#]showDisclaimer1" style="color:red"></span> <span id="[@field:ID#]showDisclaimer2" style="color:blue"></span> <script> if("[@field:photo/]") { document.getElementById("[@field:Id#]showDisclaimer1").innerHTML="DISCLAIMERS OUT OF COMPLIANCE"; } else { document.getElementById("[@field:Id#]showDisclaimer2").innerHTML="DISCLAIMERS IN COMPLIANCE"; } </script> Replace "ID" in [@field:ID] with the actual unique ID field name in your table. Also, replace "photo" in [@field:photo/] with actual file name in your table. Also add the other field that you wanted to verify in the IF condition. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi @sfraden, Please try adding your code within the BeforeFormSubmit event function. This should ensure to perform the validation after all the fields are populated. <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function(event) { // do something }); </script> Regards,
  8. Hello @awolagain, You can request any app from Free App Templates for Your Online Database | Caspio to be uploaded to your account but keep in mind that the number of deployed DataPages allowed for free accounts are only 5. So, if you wish to deploy the app on a host and use it for your business, you will be able to do deploy only 5 of them at a time. However, if you want to just see and learn how the tables are designed and DataPages are built etc, you can do so without any issues. You can also preview any number of DataPages separately without having to deploy them. To request an app to be uploaded to your account, select any app on that link and click on "Request app" button and fill out the form. The app will be uploaded by Caspio support team on the same or the next business day. I hope that answers your questions. Regards,
  9. Hi @sfraden, How about you add a calculated value in your submission form and perform the validation before submitting the form? Add a virtual field to your form, change the form element to calculated value. Using CASE WHEN and SELECT query, validate to see if the record already exists in the table. If it does, then return 1, else return 0. In your JavaScript, verify the value of this virtual field. If the value returned is 0, then submit and the form. If the value returned is 1, then just redirect the form. The formula in the calculated value can be written as follows: CASE WHEN (SELECT ID FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE FIELD1=TARGET.[@field:FIELD1] AND FIELD2=TARGET.[@field:FIELD2] AND.....)!='' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END Hope this helps.
  10. Hi @Batchini, You can use calculated value or field if you want to concatenate the fields from the same record. Can you give an example so I can provide you a better solution? Regards,
  11. Hi, Try adding a progress loading bar as suggested in the video below: Adding a Progress Loading Bar to Caspio DataPages - YouTube **Insert inside the Header of your DataPage** <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/pace/1.0.2/themes/black/pace-theme-loading-bar.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/pace/1.0.2/pace.min.js"></script> <script> Pace.on("done", function(){ setTimeout( function() { document.getElementById( 'cb-content' ).style.display = 'block'; }, 200); }); </script> <div id="cb-content" style="display:none;"> **Insert inside the Footer of your DataPage** </div> Regards,
  12. Hi @wgroth, Can you attach a screenshot to show when the code did not work? For me, the code that @rush360 suggested is working fine. Thanks,
  13. The above code will not work for the new DataPages that have "Responsive" checkbox enabled. You can use the following instead for such pages: <style> div { margin: auto; } </style>
  14. Hi everyone, Email trigger does not still allow attachments in Caspio. However, a workaround it is to create another table using a trigger which will store just the email addresses, count of records and any other information as you wish. Make sure that the email address field is unique so you don't accidentally store it more than once. Include IF statement in the trigger and use 'exists' or 'not exists' operator to verify if an email address exists. Add a checkbox field in the new table and also a date field to store the date the email was sent. Run a task everyday which will send out an email for all the email addresses in this table once. Check the box once an email is sent and update the date field. In the email body, include a link that will pass this email address to a filtered report DataPage as a parameter. The users can click on the link to view the records. I hope this helps. Regards,
  15. Hi @DesiLogi, The error "Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction" can be caused due to formula fields or triggers. Do you have those in your table? If you do, check those first. Disable trigger temporarily and try. If there is formula field, verify if the formula used is correct. Other way to confirm if JS is causing this error is by removing the code from the DataPage and test it. Before that make sure to save it on notepad or some place. If you still get the error, then it means that there is something else that is causing the error. Regards,
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