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  1. BaySunshine

    Convert Scientific Notation to Numeric

    Hello @directrix, The formula worked for me. What is the datatype of your fields? I have D_Date as Date/Time, D_Serial as Number, D_Text as Text. The error can be caused by the data that you entered as well. Provide us sample data that you entered and I will try to reproduce the issue. Regards,
  2. BaySunshine

    Expressions in Triggers

    Hello RBobowski, Expressions can be used in Select statement the way you did. You could also use 'Equal' or any other comparison operator instead of 'Exists' and compare the value with the aggregate calculated in the Select statement. Triggers do not allow usage of variables in Caspio like we do in any other programming language. You can have an alias for a field in the Select statement and use that alias in other parts of the same query such as in Where, Group By etc but cannot use it in other trigger actions such as insert, update or delete. Hope this helps. Regards,
  3. The fields in the Details page are addressed as 'EditRecordFIELDNAME' with field name being the actual name of the field as it is in the table. Please refer to this article for help on how to address different Caspio form elements in JavaScript code. By just changing the field name as per the above format in the code from the other forum article should get you the desired results. I hope this helps.
  4. BaySunshine

    Convert Scientific Notation to Numeric

    Is one of those fields a formula field by itself? To troubleshoot the error, I suggest you to try one case...when at a time. Make a duplicate of your table or add a test record to your existing table and test it out. This way you can narrow down to see which particular field/condition is causing this error. I hope that helps.
  5. Hello humidor, Yes, you can do this by following the steps below: 1. Make the formula field as 'display only'. 2. Add a virtual field of checkbox type. 3. Use 'Rules' to hide the separate field based on the value of a checkbox. 4. If the user chooses to change the date, they enable the checkbox and the separate field shows up. 5. User can enter the data and hit 'Submit'. Hope this helps. Regards,
  6. BaySunshine

    Triggered Action to join 3 tables.

    Hi Magnum, The value 'true' for MngrNotesChk may not be inserted as the light pink true field is just like a placeholder. Click on the Logic or Data button on the left and drag a 'true' field and place it in here. It should then work. Apart from this, I don't see any other issue with the trigger. A full screenshot of the trigger will help us in reviewing it better. Regards,
  7. BaySunshine

    the width of column

    Hello, Can you please provide more details on your question? What is the type of DataPage you used? Have you created those columns using custom code in your DataPage or using tools in your webpage? A screenshot of the issue will be helpful as well. Regards,
  8. BaySunshine

    Auto update table field.

    Hello, This cannot be done automatically due to system limitations in Caspio. It is only possible if you manually run a Report DataPage. Formula fields/triggers need an insert/update to happen to the table to automatically change the status of the field. Hope that helps.
  9. BaySunshine

    Date Range Prompt /Filter

    Hi Bill, Instead of 'Next X Days' or 'Previous X Days', try 'Greater than' for first criteria and 'Less than' for second criteria. That way you will get all the records within those dates. Regards,
  10. BaySunshine

    Bulk File Delete

    Try deleting them in a different browser. If that doesn't work, please attach some screenshots of steps that you took to delete the data.
  11. Hello Billy, You can add the following and try: <script> document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual1")[0].selectedIndex.text; document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual1")[0].value = "2012"; </script>
  12. BaySunshine

    Multi-Select Listbox and Conditional Logic

    Hi, Sorry to say that Rules do not work with List-String DataTypes. That is a current limitation of Caspio. One workaround for your issue would be to convert currentAssign field into a text box and change it to a dropdown form element in the DataPage. Or, if you know JavaScript, create a Virtual field in your DataPage and assign the value of currentAssign to this Virtual field. Rules can be applied to Virtual field just like you would for any other DataTypes. Hope that helps.
  13. Hi Tanager, In both of your triggers where Scale is set to either Regional or Local, you are counting inserted values in the Having condition. This value is never going to be more than 3 because it is being compared to only 1 inserted value. In case of less than 3, it is updating always since the inserted value is always going to be 1, which is less than 3. So, to fix this issue, join both inserted and the table values. Then it updates the data correctly. Also, since you want to run this action when delete happens too, you should compare it with deleted table also. I created one update with the deleted table. You can create the second one following the same example. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Youssik, Following is a video on how to integrate Zapier with MailChimp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPUJFy4VElg&feature=youtu.be Also, here is the Caspio link on Zapier: https://howto.caspio.com/integration/zapier/ Hope this helps.
  15. Hello James, It is not possible for a trigger to insert a new record in customer billing table since the tables are related by many to one, meaning many records with same customer name in the order table and only record to be created of that name in the billing table. By changing the design of the table, this can be achieved. Please see below screenshots of the table design and the trigger that I could implement by making this change. Hope this helps.