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  1. BaySunshine's post in Login Page Deployment Trouble was marked as the answer   
    Hi @af123,
    When adding any script in HTML editor, always click 'source' and add it or disable the editor by  unchecking the box below and then add the code.  If not, the code will show as it is and will be read as text instead of JavaScript code.
    Also, the URL in the screenshot seems incorrect. It cannot have both http and https. Try removing "http://www." part from it and test.
  2. BaySunshine's post in Expressions in Triggers was marked as the answer   
    Hello RBobowski,
    Expressions can be used in Select statement the way you did. You could also use 'Equal' or any other comparison operator instead of 'Exists' and compare the value with the aggregate calculated in the Select statement.
    Triggers do not allow usage of variables in Caspio like we do in any other programming language. You can have an alias for a field in the Select statement and use that alias in other parts of the same query such as in Where, Group By etc but cannot use it in other trigger actions such as insert, update or delete.
    Hope this helps.
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