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  1. I tried this but there seems to be another Css tag somewhere that adds the orange download image, any ideas what it might be called? .cbResultSetActionsContainer { /*Results Page Actions Container Attributes*/ /* Forced to match results table */ padding: 2px; margin: 0px; border-collapse: separate; } .cbResultSetActionsContainerCellspacing { border-spacing:0px; } .cbResultSetSearchAgainContainer { /*Results Page Search Again Container Attributes*/ text-align: right; vertical-align: middle; padding: 0px 5px;
  2. Hi Im looking to have a Java script that would trigger a local scanner and then seamlessly put that file into the file upload field in a datapage. Has anybody tried using Scanner.js https://asprise.com/document-scan-upload-image-browser/html5-javascript-access-scanner-resources.html
  3. So you might end up with 9000 records in that table over a year - my main table has 365000 records, so I dont think it will cause a problem for performance. Ok I think you should create a view that links the two tables together using the Job number - then you can create two reports from the one view. The first will show the Orders not completed, by selecting only the fields form the Ordering table and the 2nd will show the Completed orders. Then embed both tables into a details page which passes the Job number as a parameter to both embedded tables.
  4. I would have had both the orders and the completed orders in the one table with a checkbox when completed and a filtered view of the table that way you dont have to do the input and delete function and you can run a report with collapse-able grouping on the checkbox field. the way you have it done it you can embed two filtered reports into your datapage, one for the ordering_table_job table and one for the Ordering_completedOrders_Job.
  5. You can have a Submission Datapage with a report deployed in the footer. The report would use the Group_ID as a parameter to filter the results so you only get the results of that group. Also I assume those fields are drop downs ie Select Object 1, Select Size, Select Age, Select Weight, then hit submit Then the Group_ID field is hidden and past as a Parameter to the report. [@field:Group_ 1] Group 1 object1 | size1 | age1 | weight1 object2 | size2 | age2 | weight2 object3 | size3 | age3 | weight
  6. You can also use webmerge https://www.webmerge.me/caspio-document-generation The min price is $29.95 per month however
  7. How are you finding the record in your update form? are you passing the ID parameter from the Submission page? Maybe you could have a popup window that comes up once you have entered a record? Or you could have a tabular report with a list of the firms and then a link to a details page "Update Address"
  8. Since I added PDF download to my Tabular report I now get a down arrow next to the download button. Is there a specific CCS to get rid of this arrow? Cheers David
  9. I dont think that is possible but you could use Zapier to send it to a pdf prefill in Webmerge.
  10. I am trying to put a login box up in the top right hand corner of the header on my Web Page, Is there a way to get the login button to appear inline with the Email and Password fields. You can't select from the advance menu on the last field, like below Continue next element on the same line I tried some code outlined in a previous post about inline buttons but I couldn't get that to work either.
  11. I used wix initially and also google sites but they only use ifram deployment which can cause some issues. I recently swapped to Weebly and the advantages are AJAX works well and embedded deployment means that you can use redirects on submit without any problems!
  12. Thanks that actually doesnt work unless you change your Style sheet from Auto on width!! Styles overide field widths!! Anyway I have found the problem now Thanks!!
  13. Create a submission form as a way to select the Person you want to email the report to. Create virtual fields for the persons name and email. If you have a table of contacts, you could use a drop down or cascade of dropdowns to select the recipient. Pass those virtual fields as parameters to setup the destination and email. If you like you can embed the report into the submission form and filter it using pre-defined or searched fields In you email setup add a link to the report and pass the parameters you need to filter the report in the link.
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