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  1. Corpcat

    How To Provide App Navigation

    You could also set up a web page using a Content manager like Weebly - you can use Google sites or Wix, but they only allow Iframe deployment which can be problematic when you want to have datapages that update etc.
  2. I have a question about integration URL which must be updated by next week. If I have a script in a HTM block as per below, <iframe frameborder="1" name="Find Project" src="https://au1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=aabb2000f1be6cf4bec84f92a589" style="width:100%; height:600px" title="Find Project">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> The new deploy URL is https://c0eib342.caspio.com/dp/aabb2000f1be6cf4bec84f92a589 Can I just replace "https://au1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=aabb2000f1be6cf4bec84f92a589" with https://c0eib342.caspio.com/dp/aabb2000f1be6cf4bec84f92a589 Also in the case where I am passing a parameter should I be using & or ? <iframe frameborder=0 style="width:100%; height:700px" name="Document_Entry Web Form_New" title="Document_Entry Web Form_New" src="https://au1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=aabb20003c459fa6fab94c8dbe01&Grace_Bar_Code=[@Grace_Barcode_No]&Recal_Box_No=[@Recal_Box_No]">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> Should look like this <iframe frameborder=0 style="width:100%; height:700px" name="Document_Entry Web Form_New" title="Document_Entry Web Form_New" src="https://c0eib342.caspio.com/dp/aabb20003c459fa6fab94c8dbe01&Grace_Bar_Code=[@Grace_Barcode_No]&Recal_Box_No=[@Recal_Box_No]">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> Should look like this??
  3. I have a table with 38000 records and when i group them and collapse it only shows the collapsed group for max 1000 records. I don't actually need to see the records, only the group aggregate. Can I hide the result rows and only show the Group total line so I have a nice neat table showing all the group totals not expandable?.
  4. Corpcat

    Summary Tabular Report

    Hi - yeah I set it to that, it reduces the number of pages, ie 38 pages for 38000 records. Am i using the wrong type of report?
  5. Corpcat

    Checkbox approval in Tab report

    Can the bulk edit styles be changed so they match the orginal results page style?
  6. Corpcat

    Summary Tabular Report

    I have a Tabula report which Summarizes 1500 records by counting the number of records and grouping them by customer. However when I use the collapsed group I only show 2 groups on each page and I need to scroll through 1500 records even though the group is collapsed. I want the Group totals to all display on the one page until they are expanded. see attached. Is this a style problem or some thing I am doing wrong in the report page setup?
  7. Corpcat

    counting in table

    I am also have some problems with a Report data page that I want to group by a field and count the number of records for that grouped field When I use the count function and collapse the group I still have to page through the 38000 records rather than getting a neat summary table There are 16 Divisions and I want the Aggregate counts to appear all on one page! Division Grace Barcode No (blank) 3 BJC Defence DMM NSW 1171 Total 38893 Show per page 102550100250 Page of 156 Records 1-250 of 38893
  8. I want to created a multi record audit function, ie the client clicks on a check box to approve a record in a list. There could be many hundreds of lines in the list. The approval is for a parent table from the criterior specified in the child table. I created a view for this and make the parent table the editable table in the view and I have a field for the checkbox in the view. However if I have multiple records in the child then in grid edit in a tab report I would need to click on all rows of the child table. I want to only click on one check box from the parent table. Is there another way around this? Create a tab report for the parent and then an iframe with the report of the child records?