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  1. Corpcat

    Multiple table editing on single HTML form

    How are you finding the record in your update form? are you passing the ID parameter from the Submission page? Maybe you could have a popup window that comes up once you have entered a record? Or you could have a tabular report with a list of the firms and then a link to a details page "Update Address"
  2. Corpcat

    PDF download CSS

    Since I added PDF download to my Tabular report I now get a down arrow next to the download button. Is there a specific CCS to get rid of this arrow? Cheers David
  3. Corpcat

    Use remade pdf form

    I dont think that is possible but you could use Zapier to send it to a pdf prefill in Webmerge.
  4. Corpcat

    Authentication Login Box

    Thanks Joli - works perfectly
  5. I am trying to put a login box up in the top right hand corner of the header on my Web Page, Is there a way to get the login button to appear inline with the Email and Password fields. You can't select from the advance menu on the last field, like below Continue next element on the same line I tried some code outlined in a previous post about inline buttons but I couldn't get that to work either.
  6. I used wix initially and also google sites but they only use ifram deployment which can cause some issues. I recently swapped to Weebly and the advantages are AJAX works well and embedded deployment means that you can use redirects on submit without any problems!
  7. Corpcat

    Field Length

    Thanks that actually doesnt work unless you change your Style sheet from Auto on width!! Styles overide field widths!! Anyway I have found the problem now Thanks!!
  8. Corpcat

    Email Report DataPage

    Create a submission form as a way to select the Person you want to email the report to. Create virtual fields for the persons name and email. If you have a table of contacts, you could use a drop down or cascade of dropdowns to select the recipient. Pass those virtual fields as parameters to setup the destination and email. If you like you can embed the report into the submission form and filter it using pre-defined or searched fields In you email setup add a link to the report and pass the parameters you need to filter the report in the link.
  9. Can I use this method to put the login button inline with the password field on an Authentication HTML Datapage?
  10. Corpcat

    Field Length

    Hi MayMusic I have a similar inquiry. I am trying to reduce the field lengths so I can put an Authentication loging page up in the header of my webpage. Email field max size 30 and Password max size 10 charachters. I cant find what to edit in the style sheet to achieve that?
  11. Corpcat

    Splitting up a record with same ID

    So I assume if you don't set your order ID field to unique, you can have more multiple order lines in the table under one order ID . Then set up another field as a Suborder Field. Order ID Sub order 1234 1 1234 2 Another way is to have yes/no field called backorder.
  12. Corpcat

    creating multiple tables rather than a huge database

    Considering each year you will want to change the classes of every student, I recommend you set up a Class Table and a student table and relate them - If you have fixed class names /ids each year then you could add the student id's to the class table or if you need to create new classes each year then add the class is or name to the student table . I have set up an app for our school Snow sports team, that tracks all their results by Age Group (division) and by Discipline.
  13. Corpcat

    Date Calculation in Formula field

    Awesome thanks the formula works !!
  14. Corpcat

    Date Calculation in Formula field

    Thanks I need to grab the number to add from another field, this is the number of years I need to keep a document either after the date the document is produced or after the date a project had ended. CASE WHEN [@field:End_of_Project_Date]<[@field:Doc_Creation_Date] THEN Dateadd(Year,[@field:End_of_Project_Date],[@field:Retention]) ELSE Dateadd(Year,[@field:Doc_Creation_Date],[@field:Retention]) END Is this correct? I got incorrect Syntax regards David
  15. Corpcat

    Date Calculation in Formula field

    this is my formula but doesn't seem to work CASE WHEN [@field:End_of_Project_Date]<[@field:Doc_Creation_Date] THEN Dateadd(Year,[@field:Retention],[@field:End_of_Project_Date]) ELSE Dateadd(Year,[@field:Retention],[@field:Doc_Creation_Date])