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  1. I have a customer order table that list each item a customer purchases along with their name, order date. These are automatically populated when someone places an order, therefore if John Doe orders 5 items, there are 5 new rows added to the table (one for each item he ordered) and his name next to each one. I have a separate customer billing table which has order date, customer name, and boolean fields for delivered, billed, paid (we deliver directly to the customer). I'm trying to setup a trigger that automatically adds a new row for "John Doe" in the Customer Billing table when h
  2. I'm trying to to modify my column width (and keep it recorded) when in grid edit. When I change the column width outside of grid edit, the width stays after I exit the screen but not so when in grid edit mode. Is there a way to modify the column width (or get the text to wrap) when in grid edit mode?
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