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  1. Hi,

    Didn't exactly know where to put this one, so sorry if this is in the wrong place. 

    I'm new to Caspio so perhaps this is a noob question, but please help me out and thanks for reading anyway :)

    I've got a table which has a couple of date fields for the weekdays. A workday starts on monday and the user can select which mondayDate that is .

    I would like to add the date of monday + 1 day to the field TuesdayDate and so on for the other days. So if a user selects 01 januari 2017 as date for monday, the field TuesdayDate = 2 januari 2017 etc.

    I thought i could do that via a tabel/formala field where TuesdayDate = DATEADD (dd , 1, [@field:MondayDate] ) but when i use  this the formula field doesn't show up any more in my Submission DataPage.

    So perhaps via a triggered action, where i used an insert and update action when the field MondayDate is not empty then fill the TuesdayDate as the value of Monday + 1 day. But i'm doiing something wrong cause when i validate no problem but when i try to enable this i get an error concerning nesting level 1. 


    Do you have any idea how to approach this ? I added a screenshot of the triggered action 






    Trigger Action.PNG

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