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  1. Thank you for these options! I was hoping to determine a way to still access and utilize the Line and Grid Edit features as well, so that users are clicking back and forth between pages. I know that this isn't a regular feature, but perhaps there is some arrangement of JavaScript that would make these two Edit Icons hidden from Group B. Is that at all possible?
  2. DataPage "TEST" is a tabular report that contains project details and the current status of various aspects of the project. I am looking for a way to allow two groups to interact with TEST differently: Group A can execute a search and then View the Results as well as Edit the status fields. Group B can execute a search and then View the Results only. I am hoping to avoid creating a duplicate DataPage that has all of the field set to Display Only and instead have a single DataPage that has restricted Editting permissions for certain users (Group B). Users DO have unique Employee IDs.
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