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  1. Hi vikovs, I tried this and it helps, thanks. I could sort of achieve what I was trying to. However, the Caspio system seems to have some severe problems. After setting up along the lines you suggested, I deployed to my browser and it worked. But then I needed to go back to make an edit. When I went to make the edit, one of my Rules was no longer there. It vanished into thin air. So I deleted all the Rules, logged out, logged in. Did the same thing again. Deployed and tried in my browser. Again it worked. I then went back to make more changes. Once again a Rule had d
  2. Hi - Newbie question, but I just can't seem to find it in the documentation - very basic question: How can I update a field in a record with state information that depends both on the current state value and also on some external information. It seems a basic thing - I just want to write information into the field that doesn't come directly from information entered in a form. How do you do it?
  3. Newbie question - I'm trying to hide text for 2 separate options in a drop down list. This is the scenario: - the user is asked a question about whether they think they need a service There is a dropdown list with 3 entries, the first just being 'Select' and second and third "yes" and "no" respectively. I want nothing appearing below until they select either "yes" or "no". If they select "yes", they see a message to update their username and password along with the required fields to update, and when they then submit, they are redirected to a new page where they can order t
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