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  1. Hi vikovs, I tried this and it helps, thanks. I could sort of achieve what I was trying to. However, the Caspio system seems to have some severe problems. After setting up along the lines you suggested, I deployed to my browser and it worked. But then I needed to go back to make an edit. When I went to make the edit, one of my Rules was no longer there. It vanished into thin air. So I deleted all the Rules, logged out, logged in. Did the same thing again. Deployed and tried in my browser. Again it worked. I then went back to make more changes. Once again a Rule had disappeared. It's hard to imagine a system that's been around for a while could be this flakey. I mean, this is fundamental. I went back and repeated the process and took screen shots. Appending them here. The screenshots are timestamped - you can see when I go back at 9.44 to edit, Rule 3 has VANISHED. I didn't change anything at that stage - simply went back to the Rule page so I could edit, only to find my Rule GONE!!!
  2. Hi - Newbie question, but I just can't seem to find it in the documentation - very basic question: How can I update a field in a record with state information that depends both on the current state value and also on some external information. It seems a basic thing - I just want to write information into the field that doesn't come directly from information entered in a form. How do you do it?
  3. Newbie question - I'm trying to hide text for 2 separate options in a drop down list. This is the scenario: - the user is asked a question about whether they think they need a service There is a dropdown list with 3 entries, the first just being 'Select' and second and third "yes" and "no" respectively. I want nothing appearing below until they select either "yes" or "no". If they select "yes", they see a message to update their username and password along with the required fields to update, and when they then submit, they are redirected to a new page where they can order the service. I put this in a Section 2. if they select "no", they see a message to confirm the selection and that the current account will be deactivated with an "I Agree" checkbox, and when they submit, the Active User field in their record will be marked inactive, and they will redirected back to the login page (where they can no longer login with the details previously provided). I put this in a Section 3 I believe I should be able to achieve this with a single data page. But the first challenge is setting up the conditional form so that the options for "yes" and "no" are only visible when either is selected and not before. I tried setting up a Rule that hides Section 2 and Section 3 when the field is blank. That works fine. But If I then try to create a Rule so that Section 3 is hidden if the field is "Yes", Caspio wont let me. Section 3 is not available as an option (I assume because the first Rule used it already?). So how do I achieve this functionality?? The next question is how to update the Active User field on form submission after the user has responded "no" to the initial field? Final question is how to to redirect to the correct page - does this require the use of Virtual Fields?
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