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  1. While searching for some solutions I came up a solution that works. One table with the LEC_Type as a single series. That allowed for different lines and worked.
  2. I have two tables, each has a column called Comp_ID. When filtering by Comp_ID, table 1 has 127 records and Table 2 has 4 records. Here are snippets of each table: Table 1 Table 2 I want to plot these on a single chart with Loss on the x-axis and Probability (Acceptable_P and Prob_Inherent) on the y-axis. I created a view with an inner join on Comp_ID. When I build my datapage I get 4 instances of the curve for the table with the 127 records and a step chart for the 4 record table. However, if I chart these individually I get the nice curves as expe
  3. I had a similar issue and did a workaround. Albeit, not perfect, it is functional. I setup an OTP table to capture, email or mobile and then two fields, to auto fill the USERID from members table based on cascading text field in the datapage. There are two more fields, one with a auto gen 8 digit code, and one with a time stamp. This table has a TA to put the code and time stamp in the members table. My authentications then look at the email, password, and code from the members table. I then have 4 tasks that run every hour in 15 min increments. These tasks clear the entrie
  4. Hi @Randy I used one of my expert sessions and they built a really complicated triggered action to move and update the values into another table. Another thing I did was show some of the values in a combined chart and table and then modify the iframe to show only the chart. Thereby hiding the table part. -Edward
  5. Thanks @Vitalikssssss This doesn't fully produce what I am looking for. In order to chart the values I need combined Chart and Table. The table, to be effective, needs to show aggregate values by Reporting Period. There are 7 total values that need be be charted and displayed. With the limitation of 5 aggregation fields in Caspio this causes a problem. Therefore, I am trying to get the values into another table. Cheers!
  6. Been struggling with this for a bit and can only get pieces to work. Before someone says just use aggregation in the reports, that doesn't meet the needs and there are limitations that prevent it from working. Table A: Metric_ID (unique), Company_ID, Reporting_Period, Score, Score_Max, C_Value, C_Value_Max Table B: Summary_ID, Company_ID, Reporting_Period, Score_Sum, Score_Max_Sum, C_Value_Sum, C_Value_Max Sample: Table A: Metric_ID (unique), Company_ID, Reporting_Period, Score, Score_Max, C_Value, C_Value_Max MET1, Acme, 1/1/2018, 3, 3, 2, 3 MET2, Acme, 1/1/
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