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  1. Apologies for only responding now. I have managed to find a solution for this issue. I searched the forum posts & came across a post with suitable JS. Thank you for your interest however.
  2. I would like to conditionally disable the "Submit" function of a submission data page until value entered into the "Odometer reading" field exceeds the value in the "Odometer reading of previous refill" field. Any assistance with custom script for this would be highly appreciated?
  3. I have a tabular web form that provides a results page table with a collapsible group. The group collapses & expands on demand as expected on the results page but the PDF generator prints the group in the expanded format only. I want the PDF generator to mimic the results page group setting for collapse/expand if possible. Caspio support have advised that this is considered to be custom code. I am using the results page field for the PDF generator & was expecting the PDF output to be the same as the results page output. I have attached print screen examples of the collapsed result p
  4. Thanks Meekeee I had the add-on activated the moment it was announced. I am VERY happy that Caspio made this updated functionality available & it has already made a huge improvement. Much more user friendly also.
  5. Thank for the advice Vitalikssssss My details page is not tabular. I'm not sure if that makes a difference but when trying to add a rule the virtual field is available but for some reason the calculated field in the table is not. I also tried to create a calculated field on the details page but it still does not show up on the rules field picker.
  6. Thanks LunaLovegood. Will definitely give it a try. Very glad for the latest update.
  7. I have a details data page form on which records can be edited & updated. I would like to allow editing for all records not older than 2 days & then make the data page view only for records older than that. Can someone assist with a method of achieving this?
  8. Thank you for the referral MayMusic. I have seen this post & tried the two or three methods listed for PDF printing. The pdfcrowd code doesn't work because the datapage is password protected. The other codes shown work to some degree but are more for single page documents & we need a multipage solution. The final result is also very rough, more like a screen capture printout than a proper PDF. Maybe I am missing something but nothing on this post looks like it will offer what we need. Your kind advice is appreciated nevertheless. I have had quite a long discussion with Caspi
  9. Very much in the same boat here. Did you perhaps find a solution that you would be willing to share?
  10. I am aware of other posts in Ideabox where users have long since been requesting a way for non-corporate account members to be able to print out or output a PDF version of multipage reports. I have been searching for a way of doing this & cannot find anything. There may be a way of doing this using code but I am using Caspio primarily because I do not know code. I suppose usability of Caspio without this feature may be OK for some but I cannot see any point without being able to print out all the captured data or at least mail PDF reports when needed. The step up to Corporate account p
  11. I have a form with the following fields which I would like to add a formula field to. This formula would be based on three fields: ([@a1_SUPPLIER_PRICE_PART_1]*(1+([@a1__MARK_UP_PART_1]/100)))*[@a1_PART_AMOUNT_1] Basically: Cost price + mark-up x qty.=sub total I have a total of 30 of these lines to calculate on a submission datapage. I contacted Caspio support who referred me more that once to the examples provided above as solutions. I have tried them but I have zero coding knowledge & even after changing the field names as I though necessary, could not get them to w
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