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    thirdcharm got a reaction from JEllington in (Resolved) getElementById not working with Asynchronous Deployment   
    Hi JEllington,
    Please try the following scripts below and this also works on asynchronous deployments:
    In the Header of your DataPage:
    <div id="elmName">Original Text</div> In the Footer of your DataPage:
    <script> document.getElementById("elmName").innerHTML = "Text changed!"; </script> Then click "Preview" to check.
    Note: Please make sure you only have one id of elmName declared in your page.
    Let me know if this helps.
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    thirdcharm got a reaction from roattw in $ for solution? Hiding multiple login windows - worked well but now doesnt ;^/   
    Hi roattw,
    You can check the article: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/hiding-multiple-login-forms/
    1. For step 6 in the howto article, add the following code after "</div>" inside your Authentication's footer.
    <script> hideAuth(); </script>
    2. For step 7 in the howto article, follow the same steps but use the updated script below.
    <script> function hideAuth(){ if(document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box")){ var v_box = document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box").length ; for (i=1; i < v_box; i++) { document.getElementsByName("cb-auth-box")[i].style.display = "none" ; } } } </script> This should resolve your issue.
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