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  1. Hello Medron,

    Caspio Bridge REST API authentication is based on OAuth 2.0 protocol and supports client_credentials flow, meaning that before a client can access Caspio Bridge resources, it must be authenticated using Client ID/Secret pair (can be found once you started creating WSP or Web Services Profile). And all REST calls should be made in HTTPS. When successfully authenticated, a token is generated that must be used in all follow on calls to the resources endpoint. 

    And to limit the access, you may find this (the one in black) in the Web Services Profile as well:




    Hope that helps. 


  2. I got the same error. I contacted their Support Team and they usually asked me if I did any modification on a table design, or tried adding new columns in my table that might break any trigger code (if you have any). And they usually coordinated this to their DevOps and immediately fix the issue.


    Hello @kwikcert,


    SEO has two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they have determined the most relevant.

    And basically there are also two main things that you should use to make sure your SEO is working and these are your Keyword Rankings and Traffic.


    You may want to check this articles for more info: https://howto.caspio.com/deployment/seo-deployment-directions/




    Kind Regards,

    Luna <3

  4. 16 minutes ago, Corpcat said:

    I have a Tabula report which Summarizes 1500 records by counting the number of records and grouping them by customer.

    However when I use the collapsed group I only show 2 groups on each page and I need to scroll through 1500 records even though the group is collapsed.

    I want the Group totals to all display on the one page until they are expanded.

    see attached.

    Is this a style problem or some thing I am doing wrong in the report page setup?


    Summary table.jpg

    Summary Report Wizzard.jpg

    Hi @Corpcat,


    You may want to look at this:


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