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  1. AussieCaspio

    System Date in View?

    Thank you SO much!!!!!
  2. AussieCaspio

    System Date in View?

    Hi All, I have a table containing Marketing offers, each of which has a start and end date. Is it possible to create a database view which only lists the offers that are valid on the current date ? (I.e offers whos start date <= current date and end date >= current date) This is for use in a drop down list, where a paricular offer has to be selected. Thanks, Nas
  3. AussieCaspio

    Submission Form Defaults

    Hi All, I'm a bit of a newbie to Caspio... I have createda submission form with some cascading dropdowns. When my form first opens, the dropdowns all default to the first values in the list. Is there a way to make them blank so that the user Must select an item? Thanks!