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  1. UPDATE With the Wordpress iframe plugin (freemium or pro): - the pagination controls format correctly and are visible. - you can set width = "100%", which enables horizontal scrolling while maintaining a responsive frame size. iFrame may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but this is the only option that works.
  2. ISSUE WITH PAGINATION CONTROLS IN WORDPRESS I am running into a problem that I think must have popped up for others using data pages in a mobile form factor: - even with "Record per Page" hidden, the pagination controls are not entirely visible - because of the visibility issue, users can't get past the 2nd page of data...the "next" icon is not visible TRYING TO... Does anyone now how to format the pagination controls (mobile form factor) using embed function, such that: - controls are completely left-justified (assumes "Record per Page" is hidden) - controls are completely left-justified and below "Record per Page" (assumes "Record per Page" is NOT hidden) - spacing between (first, next, prev and last) icons and text ("Page" and "of") is compressed DIFFERENT MODES... - embed reference does not work (after 2nd page, "next" icon is not visible) - iframe seems to work - pagination controls are completely left justified, so controls are visible after 2nd page, but there's no frame sizing controls - wordpress plugin does not work (after 2nd page, "next" icon is not visible) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for responding to my question. I've already taken down the page, as it was not possible to page thru all records. But I need this issue resolved if I'm going to use Caspio on my web site. Pls see the attached screenshots of the preview page. 2 issues: 1. misc formatting of the RECORDS PER PAGE and CURRENT PAGE values (font-color) 2. inability to view the pagination controls in a mobile form factor
  4. I have been able to add the custom column. However: 1. There is no apparent mechanism to customize the header (the look and feel needs to be white background, blue text for header) 2. text-align: center !important does not seem to work for a custom html block
  5. Sorry for the delayed response. There are actually 2 issues: 1. text-align: center !important; does not seem to work in the html block def. 2. there does not seem to be any mechanism to customize css for the column header. Any ideas?
  6. @thirdcharm Thanks for this info. - I added the CSS in Styles / Data / .cbResultSetData class - is that generally correct? - This works on desktop, but not mobile. However, I haven't set up responsive functions yet (I would have thought that Caspo would be fully responsive OOTB). In your experience, do fonts in Caspio need to be set up : - for each Styles Element Type AND class? - separately for mobile and tablet form factors? Thanks!
  7. I tried the JS script above - it mostly works, with 2 exceptions: The field label (in General Options) works for non-custom fields, but doesn't work with custom HTML blocks (my column heading is blank for this field). text-align: center; doesn't seem to do anything - my data is left-aligned and I can't seem to change that. I realize this is an old thread...just thought I'd ask - has anyone encountered these 2 problems and know how to remedy?
  8. I have a custom HTML Block to define a report column and format. Most of the CSS format options seem to work (font-size, etc). text-align does not work. I've tried: text-align: center; text-align: middle; Does anyone know how to center align a custom HTML Block?
  9. I have a custom HTML Block to define a report column and format. However, the Label (in the General Options screen) only seems to work for non-custom fields. If I enter a value for a custom HTML Block, the column heading in the report is blank. Does anyone know how to get around this?
  10. FYI for anyone else who has this question - the following JS works, with exceptions: JS SCRIPT <div id="mydiv[@field: AAABBB]"></div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> { document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:AAA_BBB]").innerHTML ="<span style='color: #9476c9; font-size: 24px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-style: normal; font-weight: bold; text-align: center;'> [@field:AAA_CCC] </span>"; } </SCRIPT> LEGEND AAA_ Table Name (if underlying data source is a view) BBB PK Column Name CCC Column Name of the field to be displayed. EXCEPTIONS CSS text-align: center; does not work The label override (in General Options, not in the Source area) does not work.
  11. @alineer Thanks for the reply...could you possibly expand on your answer? 1. On the data page elements config screen (either standard or advanced), I don't see any option to add css. - If I modify the style, then I would need a specific style for each data page. I don't think even that wouldn't work,because I plan to use data grouping. - Could you specify exactly where to add the css? Thanks!
  12. CONTEXT - I have a table that contains Chinese characters in one column. - The autoformat for Chinese characters renders them too small ad the font weight is too light. QUESTION Is there any way to configure the font size and weight for a single column (field) in a data page? Thanks!
  13. Context Trying to modifying the alignment for the following elements, such that they are aligned with the left border of the results table. - "Show per Page" - "Records n of n" I found the CSS, but I'm still having some alignment issues: - Show per Page is offset from left margin, even though text-align is "left" and padding is "0px 0px 0px 0px" - Records n of n is offset from left margin (even more than Show per Page element), even though text-align is "left" and padding is "0px 0px 0px 0px" Questions - Is this an error, or is there anything further I can do to align these 2 elements wit the left border of the results table? Thanks in advance...
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