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  1. Hello @roattw, If you can give the exact formula you're trying to use the Round() function with, maybe we can help you with that.
  2. Hello @roattw, I simply used Rules to hide field B onload and disabled it first. When Field A is checked, then Field B will come up. And also, putting an onload parameter value in Field B: http://prntscr.com/ly1ek9. If you want your Field B stay hidden, then you may used simple CSS or JavaScript.
  3. Hello @roattw, Can you check this one and please let me know if this is what you're trying to achieve? https://c0abq927.caspio.com/dp/db9160000fab1653259543aebd55
  4. Hello @roattw, If Field A is yes, Field B will receive the value "candidate", and will it stays hidden? Where are you getting the "candidate"? Is it a static value?
  5. Hi @AdamS, You cannot access files/images stored in your Caspio table via direct URL. You can only access files/images stored in your Caspio Account via DataPage. In that case, you may want to check their FileStor CDN. ˜DTX
  6. Hello @Shuchi, Yes, you may check this one: For more info, please check this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/setting-up-default-values/ ˜DTX
  7. You can change that by editing the Style that you are using for your Document_Entry report DataPage, under Results Page > Page Actions > Toolbar Image Actions, then check Downloads. You can have a custom image for the download icon just paste the url of it.
  8. Are you using Caspio Predefined Style for your DataPage? @Corpcat
  9. Hello @Corpcat, I think you can find that in Authentication Setup. Edit the Authentication that you're using for that DataPage and you'll see it there [refer to below screenshots] ˜DTX
  10. @kpcollier Try to copy and paste this code: <a href="mailto:sample@sample.com?subject=Report DataPage&body=URL_of yourDataPage">Report Datapage</a> Just replace those text in red with the appropriate email, subject, URL and text to display in the Footer. ˜DTX
  11. @kpcollier , Then you may insert that to the footer of your Report DataPage.
  12. I have inline insert enabled in my Report DataPage. After they click the "Add" button to insert a record, I would like them to redirect to another DataPage. Is it possible? Thanks.
  13. @kpcollier, What you can do here is to configure your Submission form as what you can see in the screenshot below: It will display the link of your Report DataPage and a link that will open your email wizard, just change it to the appropriate subject and body/content of the email. All the best, ˜DTX
  14. Hello @ray985, I have this same issue and reached their Support. Since we can't pull the Aggregate Function and enter it in the footer, what they suggest is to create another calculated field to get the aggregated/SUM value of a column. And yes, the above statement is correct, that we can use SQL. And by then, you can use [@calcfield:X] in the footer, since it is available from the picker. — DTX —
  15. Hello @paulgordon , You can now use AVG as part of Aggregate Functions: You can find more information on here: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/ — DTX —
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